IBM Cognos Dashboard Embedded

Empowering developers to embed visualizations directly into their offerings.

What is it?

IBM Cognos Dashboard Embedded is a new, API-based solution that lets developers easily add end-to-end data visualization capabilities to their applications so users can create visualizations that feel like part of the app.

Interactive Developer Demo

How to Use the APIs

How can I try it?

    To try IBM Cognos Dashboard Embedded for free, click here and log in or create a new, free IBM Cloud account.

Where can I learn more?

Once you’re logged into your cloud account, click here to find a product overview, tutorial, API reference, Swagger reference and more!

What can it do?

IBM Cognos Dashboard Embedded offers developers the ability to define the user workflow and control the options available to users – from a guided exploration of the analysis through authored fixed dashboards to a free-form analytic exploration environment in which end-users choose their own visualizations – and virtually anything in between.

Interactive Dashboard Demo

How to Use Dashboards

Pricing Structure

Pricing is session-based where a session is valid for 60 minutes (or the browser being closed), during which an end-user can do as many cross-filters, drill-downs, and refreshes as they need – at no additional cost.

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