IBM® is committed to delivering SQL commonality, on database platforms implementing the Common SQL Engine, in a way that is common and portable and supports the ANSI/ISO SQL standards. Since products are configured and optimized for select workloads, some products with Common SQL Engine provide greater focus on OLTP applications, while others are fine tuned for delivering operational analytics, or supporting big data open analytics environments.

IBM Db2, Db2 Warehouse, Db2 Hosted, Db2 on Cloud, IBM Integrated Analytics System (NEW), and IBM Db2 Big SQL are all designed with the Common SQL Engine. Since the Common SQL Engine supports data federation, other databases–non-IBM and open source databases– also can plug into the engine for SQL processing. To make things even easier, IBM Data Server Manager provides administration, alerting, monitoring, federation, and SQL execution support across the Common SQL Engine platforms.

Applications accessing data stored on these products via one of the IBM Data Server drivers can operate without change against data stored on the rest of the platforms. Please read the whitepapers below on specific detail and factors affecting compatibility.

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