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IBM Code London @ TechSpace – How to secure your sensitive data and workload in the cloud


November 18, 2019

We live in a world where every time you share information online it is at significant risk of being compromised. Responsibility for protecting that data falls to everyone — developers, architects and providers. With security at the forefront of everyone’s concern, how are cloud providers meeting these security concerns while still allowing businesses to rapidly provision services to meet business needs on-demand?

When a natural disaster hits and the need to collect donations arises, developers, architects and system administrators must quickly respond.
Donations typically involve a persons sensitive, personal information (SPI) as well as financial data. When dealing with SPI and financial transactions, the data must be protected in flight and at rest.

How can a developer quickly build something while maintaining security requirements? In this meetup, we will quickly build this application leveraging the latest in secure cloud computing technologies.

We will talk about the additional layers of security needed when running in the cloud to reduce possible attack vectors without increasing the complexity for developers and architects. Attendees will be walked through creating the disaster donations website and supporting database can be securely and quickly provisioned.

– An introduction to the technology and why its necessary
– Build a secure database
– Build a secure virtual server
– Integrate components

Speaker : Jenn Francis – Z Developer Advocate Lead, IBM

• Event Agenda
18.30 – 19.00: Registration, Food, Drinks and Networking
19.00 – 19.15: Introduction
19.15 – 21.00: Hands on workshop

TechSpace, Luke Street, London, United Kingdom