Real-time Pub-Nub and IBM Watson hands-on meetup

San Francisco

December 10, 2019 7:00 pm MST

During this hands-on meetup you will discover on how to build full-featured chat applications with PubNub. By layering in IBM Watson APIs, we will add in language translation in flight.
In addition you will be able to learn how to develop a real-time voting application. During this meetup you will use serverless architecture, Twilio, and PubNub to poll survey participants via mobile text messages.
You will build a serverless application that uses text messages to poll survey participants and collect their responses in real time.

The meetup is delivered to you by our guest PubNub and IBM subject matter experts:
Paras Wadehra – a Solutions Architect from PubNub
Marek Sadowski – a Developer Advocate from IBM

44 Tehama St, San Francisco, 94105, United States