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The Microservices Strategy

November 26, 2019

Are you an up-and-coming entrepreneur that wants to start your tech entrepreneurial journey?

This topic is very important to know about. In a world where competitive edge is everything and digital transformation is a priority, is being a monolith the safe thing to do? Or are Microservices the glowing solution? If you’ve spent any time developing apps recently, you know one thing: monolithic applications are becoming a thing of the past. Apps today are all about service discovery, registration, routing, and connectivity. They present a whole new set of challenges to developers and operators of Microservices architecture.

In this webinar, we will introduce you to microservices and how they revolutionized the software development

The following are instructions to join our session which will be presented by IBM Developer Advocate:-
1. Open this link: https://www.secc.org.eg/SECC_Current_Webinars.asp
2. Fill the form on the SECC webpage and register
3. Use the following link to sign up for an IBM Cloud account to be able to work with us during the session: https://ibm.biz/Bdzk4T