A Cloud Native Story: Part 1 – Gotta go fast with Quarkus


November 18, 2020 4:00 pm CET

Gotta go fast with Quarkus: the blue hedgehog of Java web frameworks

Speaker: Marco Bungart (ConSol)

Presentation time: 45 Minutes talk, 15 minutes questions

Traditionally, Java has been known to be resource hungry and have long startup times. This especially stands out when using large frameworks or application servers like Spring Boot or Payara. For technologies like container orchestration and serverless, those properties can lead to challenges or even be a show-stopper.

Quarkus is a cloud-native stack developed by Red Hat. It provides up to 30x faster startup times and up to 90% less memory consumption. Coupled with a developer-centric concept, Quarkus promises developer joy and high productivity. Quarkus implements the JakartaEE- and MicroProfile-standard. This allows vendor-agnostic and portable solutions. In this talk, we will take a look at some of the JakartaEE- and MicroProfile-features of Quarkus. For this, we will implement two small REST microservices from scratch using maven. The main topics of the talk are: – Bootstrapping a Quarkus application with maven – Basic JakartaEE features for providing REST endpoints, dependency injection and a persistence layer – MicroProfile Health for health- and readiness-checks – MicroProfile Metrics for monitoring – MicroProfile REST Client to consume REST APIs within the micro service – MicroProfile Fault Tolerance to make the microservices resilient – MicroProfile OpenTracing for observability

Dr. Marco Bungart is a Software Engineer at ConSol GmbH. Their main field of work are cloud native java web applications, together with application lifecycle management (CI/CD) and infrastructure automation.


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Berlin, Germany