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What is … A hypervisor?

About this video

Hypervisor sounds like fancy terminology, but it’s really just the “bit” that runs a virtual machine. Let’s find out what a hypervisor is and the different types of hypervisors that are available! This video explains what they’re all about.

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Hi, I’m Ed.

So what is a hypervisor?

A hypervisor is a piece of software that runs on top of hardware that creates a virtualization platform.

The hypervisor also provides a platform for the running of virtual machines, or VMs, on top of that underlying infrastructure. It also manages the sharing of physical resources into those running virtual machines.

There are two types of hypervisor:

  1. The first type is a type 1 or “bare metal” hypervisor. These are installed directly on to the hardware of the host machine and act like an operating system. The virtual machines that they run, run directly on the computer’s infrastructure

  2. The second is a type 2 or “hosted” hypervisor. These behave more like a software application and are installed on top of an operating system. Within the host these can be started and stopped on top of the operating system.