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What is … What is?

About this video

This video introduces a new series of short videos that explain key technologies and concepts in the form of ‘What is’ questions. With this video series, developers will be able to quickly learn about essential technologies and key concepts that they use every day.

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Transcript of the video

Hello, I’m Sean and I’m here to tell you about our exciting new video series ‘What is..”

So what is “what is”? Well “what is” is a new short video series that we’ll be releasing in the coming weeks and months.

In these videos we’ll be explaining key technologies and concepts in the form of a “what is” question, so you can quickly get to grips with understanding the technologies that are now shaping our world.

We’ll be starting with some high-level concepts like ‘what is AI?” or “what is data science?” And, when we’ve gotten those out of the way, we’ll start digging deeper into more specific things like ‘What is a linear regression?” or “what is a qubit?” We’ll be looking at a great range of topics from IoT to AI to data science to cloud computing to quantum computing to containerization. So keep an eye out for those.