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As part of the overall IBM effort to reduce the number of duplicate client interaction portals and simplify the user experience with the digital side of IBM, we are sunsetting the developerWorks Connections platform which includes all URLs starting with

NEW: On January 2, 2020, the majority of the developerWorks Connections platform will be taken offline and made unavailable. If your Connections group is not active, no further action is needed.

A small number of communities that have requested a sunset extension will be kept online and placed in read-only mode. You will receive an error message if you try to save new content (wikis, posts, forum messages) after that date. Affected pages will have a banner at the top identifying it as a target for final removal on March 31, 2020. This removal includes all community blogs, wikis, forums, activities and files. Please send any questions or comments on our Support form.

Q. Why are these Connections pages going away?
A. IBM is consolidating major content portals to improve the customer experience.

Q. What specific content of mine will be impacted and removed? 
A.Your community and its apps will no longer be available including: Activities, blogs, files, forums and wikis.
All URLs starting with and including the below: 


Q. What will happen to the information that is currently published on developerWorks Connections? Where will I be able to find it?
A. The majority of existing content and posts will be reviewed by the content owners and moved to the appropriate IBM website (see details below). Backups of all Connections content will be made prior to January 2 as a precaution. Select URL redirects will be created to help customers find content in its new home if it has been moved.

Q. Where should I publish my content now?
A. Your new content will likely fall into one of the below IBM Portals.

  • IBM Community (Community platform) –
    The IBM Community is the global network of clients, partners, employees and anyone who wants to connect to help each other master IBM and related technologies, develop professional skills, and drive innovation in their respective industries. The mission of the IBM Community is to enable practitioners, those who are hands-on using IBM products every day, to become more successful and ultimately become IBM fans.
  • IBM Support content (Product support) –
    IBM Support Content spans the realm of support team generated technical content for primarily post-sales audiences. This breadth of content predominantly resides within Drupal in Support as our strategic authoring and publishing environment and includes content types like: Troubleshooting articles, How-to documents, and even support-focused newsletters.

Q. What other portals can I use to learn more about IBM products and documentation?
A. Please see our options below.

  • IBM Demo (Product demos) –
  • IBM Training and Skills Solutions (Training and certification) –
  • Knowledge Center (Product documentation) – 
  • IBM Cloud (Cloud product documentation) –
  • IBM Developer (Developer focused portal) –
  • IBM Redbooks (Solutions and how-tos) –
  • IBM Fix Central (Product fixes & updates) –

Q. Can I receive a copy of all of my content I’ve published?
A. Unfortunately due to technical constraints of this product, we are unable to provide that service unless you are a Connections administrator or owner.