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Calvin Powers is a producer and showrunner for developerWorks TV.

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MediaHub Embed test

before the embed after the embed setting width to 1280 and height to 750 after embed

Episode 28 of The New Builder’s Podcast

"Tinkering with Graph Databases" is the topic of the latest episode of the New Builders.

News coverage

You’ve got the perfect developer asset you’re just dying to tell the world about. We can help. We can feature you and your news items...

Video Assets

You’ve put a lot of work into your demo video. Now what? How do you make sure your intended audience sees it? How can you...

Podcast show

Audio podcast shows are unique in the world of online media. While they aren’t visual and don’t lend themselves to demos or detailed technical discussions,...

Webcast Shows

You can build a community of avid enthusiasts around a technology, type of application, or design method by creating a recurring series of video webcasts...

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