One of the requests our team has gotten most since GDPR required that we shut off the Jetpack is some way to get sharing features back into the content.

It’s not ideal, and it’s not very configurable, but by popular demand our team has added a new setting in the back-end of your devcenters to enable IBM’s standard set of sharing icons at the bottom of every page (Right now, it’s only all-on or all-of, no content-type specifics yet).

In Theme > Theme Options > Social settings:

The icons don’t look that great in my book—they’re a bit large and clunky for our theme. But they’re there, and your users can socialize your content straight to Twitter, etc., as before.

We’ll look for ways (and time) to improve this if we can. Hope it works for now.

Note: Icons come from V18 standards here: Share this page module

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