As IBM works out whether and when use of Google Analytics in IBM sites will be allowed, stakeholder have the option to use either IBM Digital Analytics (IDA/Coremetrics) or Amplitude for their traffic. Note: Your site is already being tracked with Segment (IDA), so there’s no change necessary for you to use the resources below and start analyzing.

Our team has checked developer centers and compared traffic between Google Analytics and Amplitude (segment data) and found that the two are roughly the same with a few exceptions.

Differences between analytics tools

  • GA uses a sampling algorithm so results are an approximation.
  • Amplitude is more end-user friendly but note that there were issues in data collection in Segment (Amplitude) in April so the April traffic is understated. Also, Amplitude doesn’t filter out gomez pings (that I’m aware of) so some areas, like answers might be overstated.
  • IDA reports traffic differently out-of-the-box (no one number for the entire dev center) so even though IDA is the “official” traffic, our team suggests that teams go with Amplitude unless they have someone who can help create custom reports in IDA.

Sample Amplitude report:

To request access

For support:

  • Amplitude Slack channel: #bluemix_amplitude
  • IDA Slack channel: #ppm-coe-coremetrics

11 comments on"IBM’s Google Analytics alternatives"

  1. Find the Amplitude Slack channel (#bluemix_amplitude) in the IBM Watson Cloud Platform workspace.
    Find the IDA Slack channel (#ppm-coe-coremetrics) in the IBM Cloud workspace.

  2. Thanks for the info, Ian. Here’s to GA being permitted again.

    Based on your recommendation I’ve tried Amplitude out, but I find that it only has data for the CICS Developer Center in Aug and Sep of last year. Who should I talk to to ensure it’s reporting correctly?

    • Hi Ben, what’s the URL you are looking for traffic to? I can check Amplitude and let you know. Thanks. Caroline

      • Hi again, Think I found it. Please let me know. The A bucket is the overall traffic and B groups by URLs. Note that there were tracking issues in April.

        • Thank you! The missing information here was that you should look in the ‘IBM Cloud’ project, not the ‘developerWorks – Production’ one. Maybe that should be removed if it’s not gathering data.

          • You’re welcome! That is very strange. I’ve only been using the IBM Cloud source, since we are mainly interested in Rated Usage Monthly on IBM Cloud this year; but supposedly the developerWorks Prod source is supposed to be “replayed” into the IBM Cloud source, so it should match. I’ll ask someone on that team what’s going on. 🙁

        • Gah… reply below was intended for you, elsken…

  3. Anders Lee May 28, 2018

    Is there an easy way to track events such as button clicks or embedded videos being played with the new analytics platforms? We previously had these events implemented with Google Analytics and it doesn’t seem like there’s an API for Segment/Amplitude for event tracking unless we go through the entire “Nurture Love” program which requires involvement from up to offering management to get going. Just looking for a quick way to resume tracking download button clicks on our pages without having to commit to an entire customer retention program…

  4. I don’t quite get the relationship between the projects, as it does seem that the same events are available from multiple projects actually (i.e. my previous reply wasn’t correct). However, in particular there is an event called ‘Viewed CICS Developer Center’ which is the one with only a bit of information in it. It would be good if such events, if they’re not being used, were cleaned up.

  5. Hello Ian, this is a GDPR test

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