Last week we sent out a message about our need to disable Jetpack and its features in order to comply with GDPR and IBM’s posture surrounding this important data privacy initiative.

We’ve got more…news: We also need to turn off Google Analytics, which has been our recommended way to get analytics from your devcenters, create your own reports, etc. At least for now.

GDPR is approaching fast. So we’re turning off the actual tagging of your developer center today, Friday May 11th, and we’re asking that you go in next week and run or download whatever reports you need from the Google Analytics dashboard so that we can also turn off dashboard access a week later, on Friday, May 18th while we get through testing for GDPR certification to be completed by May 25th.

IBM and Google are working on GDPR and approval, so it’s possible we’ll be able to resume tracking and dashboarding of analytics data at Google—and if we don’t then we’ll provide some other analytics tooling for our devcenters. But for now, we must ask your forbearance while we get through this. If we do use Google Analytics going forward, it will be by way of IBM’s Telium, which gives user more control via cookies preferences over what is tracked and not tracked about them.

As before, post comments and questions below, and refer colleagues to whom this applies here as well so they can be kept abreast of things.

Thanks very much The DBG Platforms team

3 comments on"Next: GDPR and Google Analytics"

  1. Joseph Lam - IBM May 12, 2018

    Hello Ian, thank you so much for sharing this update. Does this mean that there will be a period of time between the turning off of Google Analytics in the devCenter and the time when a new solution is identified and deployed? Cheers, Joseph

    • Yes, Joseph. I’m afraid it does mean that.
      All the devcenters are being tracked with Segment already, and as IBMer stakeholders you can access and dashboard that data. I will try and attach information about how to do that here. You could use Segment to keep analytics going in your site, though GA and Segment differ a bit about the numbers because of the way they track. And in this case we cannot get the data for you–we are simply consumers of the Segment data like you, so you’d go access and configure the data yourself. More soon if I can.


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