My family and I are embarking on a two month mobile work and “roam schooling” adventure starting on October 16th. I will be working from our small Winnebago Travato and it will usually be stationary when I do so. Going to use a mobile hotspot (AT&T) and not always be in places where the coverage is good, so might miss or fall out of the occasional meeting. Hope not.

May move my vacation days around rather dynamically on the calendar (Currently those vacation days are falling on Fridays during our trip). Will favor Slack above Sametime. Happy to Slack, TXT or talk on mobile 910-742-4504 whenever.

Will probably rely on Jamie, Jeff, and Dirk even more than I usually do for tech/arch/dev/support/coverage/etc. And on the team for patience. In general, I may seem a little less “there”, but I’m going to get it all done. There’s lots of time, just not maybe in the usual spots. And we’ve got some big work to do around hubs, devcenters, information architecture, our engagement platform that I want to stay plugged into.

Thanks! And see you there.


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  1. Esther Dovey May 25, 2018

    Just stumbled across this. Sounds amazing! Hope you and your family had a great time.
    (BTW, if is your website you will want to have a look at it – it’s got malicious code showing a fake Windows Defender virus warning telling people to call a phone number)

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