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Watson SDK for iOS Mobile

Although many considered the IBM + Apple partnership to be an unexpected arrangement, there’s no doubt now that the technical collaboration between us is bearing sweet fruit. Following the 2014 announcement, iOS developers had something that wasn’t available to them before: a steadily growing selection of services and tools for integrating Apple devices with IBM’s wide portfolio of enterprise offerings, including cloud, security, data management, application services, and analytics.

One of the latest additions for iOS developers is the iOS SDK for Watson® Developer Cloud (WDC). Written for (and with) Apple’s open-source Swift language, the SDK gives your applications access to such WDC-based services as language translation, personality insights, speech-to-text, text-to-speech, and visual recognition—all of those intelligent capabilities that promise to make a personal device act more like, well, a person.

Robert Dickerson, one of the principle developers of the Watson iOS SDK, is particularly excited about the possibility of running Watson directly on a phone.

“Right now, almost all of Watson’s algorithms run on the cloud; however, there’s a lot of potential to have some of that work—for example, speech recognition, computer vision, and gesture recognition—offloaded to mobile devices. As devices get more powerful and the need to save energy grows, there are a lot of compelling reasons to move computation on to devices. It’s great to be a part of this effort,” said Dickerson.

Here’s to the future with IBM + Apple. Naturally, we made the SDK open source as well, which means you’re warmly invited to use, fork, and/or contribute to the project!

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