IBM & AT&T: Shaping IoT for DevelopersJust imagine.

Over the past half-century, we’ve witnessed the emergence of a kind of global data field.

The planet itself, and all of its “things” — natural systems, human systems, physical objects — are revealing more about themselves than ever before, and generating enormous amounts of data in the process.

And now, with instrumentation and sensors, everything from pipelines to airplanes, from cars to trucks to large ships and their containers (the real kind, not the virtual ones), the world is revealing more about itself than ever before.

The so-called “Internet of Things” is rapidly becoming the Internet of Every Thing.

With all this interconnectedness, and as the planet has grown a central nervous system and is developing intelligence, we now have access to all this data. And it truly is becoming a much smarter planet.

By way of example, IDC estimates there are now  estimated 9+ billion devices around the world currently connected to the Internet. That number is expected to grow over the next decade to some 30 billion (over 4,800 devices are currently being added every minute!).

IBM is Partnering to Make Smarter IoT Developer Tools

AT&T and IBM have a long standing relationship that has deepened over the past 20 years.  AT&T provides IBM with industry leading networking solutions, while IBM provides AT&T with industry leading IT solutions.

The two companies are extending their collaboration to the Internet of Things (IoT), where they are integrating their capabilities to make it easier for developers to create end-to-end IoT solutions and gain deeper insights from data collected from connected devices.

With this announcement, AT&T and IBM are combining their strengths in global networking and cognitive computing to create open standards-based tools that enable developers to more quickly build and implement IoT solutions. Developers can now use IBM’s open and highly secure Watson Internet of Things (IoT) Platform and Bluemix services together with AT&T platforms to create innovative IoT applications.

AT&T’s Flow Designer, a graphical application assembly tool, based on IBM Node-RED, can access IBM Watson APIs and Bluemix services such as visual recognition, tradeoff analytics, and speech translation. It can also deploy applications on the IBM Cloud, providing more visibility and understanding into the “things” they connect.

AT&T and IBM are also working together to provide a new starter kit to make it easier for developers to quickly prototype and build IoT applications.

As part of its collaboration, AT&T is also offering to IBM developerWorks Premium members a SIM card, which includes a 6-month data plan for developers to connect their latest IoT device creations at no charge. You can learn more about the AT&T Starter IoT Kit here.

IBM developerWorks Premium is an offering developed exclusively with developers in mind, and provides subscribers substantial discounts and credits for developer needs; cloud (Softlayer and Bluemix) credits, knowledge and skill building (Skillsoft books, O’Reilly videos, discounts to IBM and 3rd party events) and more.  You can learn more about IBM developerWorks Premium here.

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