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I love this t-shirt.  It’s a souvenir from the developerWorks® conference that we held a few years ago and  I think this shirt sums up why I love what I do;  it’s all about helping developers be successful so that they can change the world.

developerWorks t-shirt

“Developers….Improving the world 1 line of code at a time.”


It’s been almost 14 years since I kicked off the developerWorks mission with my friend and colleague, Gina Poole.  I recently rejoined the team again after I took a detour from developerWorks to focus on areas like mobile development, cloud standards, and VR. But I’m back now with an outstanding team pulling together some exciting new features and capabilities that I hope you will love.

I wanted to christen this new blog with one of the first posts by taking a look at our past and directing you toward some of the exciting things you can expect from us in the future.


The beginning

The year was 1999. developerWorks launched during a time of renaissance for the Internet where search, shopping, and “friending” – along with business and computing power – was just about to revolutionize life as we knew it. (See what developerWorks looked like in 1999 at the top of this post! See how far we’ve come today.) IBM was right there from the start, leading the way by helping to make the Internet ready for eBusiness. From the beginning, we wanted to empower developers to do great things.  We started with a community around Java™ and soon expanded to all the key topics developers needed to be successful including Linux®, XML, HTML, CSS, Ajax, and Web Architecture. Developers were just as hungry for knowledge back then as they are today.  Only today, things move a lot faster. As a developer, staying ahead of the curve is more critical than ever to solving complex business problems.


The long game

The developerWorks team has been here with you as a trusted resource for over 15 years – it is a long game. Our motivation is about building relationships and providing value on a daily basis. We know your time is precious and we know trust has to be earned. We respect and value our developers, and I hope our respect for what you do comes through in our commitment to quality content and building a great community for you. We run our team with these needs in mind by moving fast, listening to our audience, adjusting, and repeating.


dw hompage
The more things change the more they remain the same

It’s funny how what is old is new again, and the more things change the more that can also remain the same. Initially, we were trying to show developers how to navigate the waters by being prepared with open standards, open source, Linux, Java…. We are still driving these foundational technologies today, but now we’re extending our topics into other relevant topics like the cloud, cognitive computing, IoT, Swift, Blockchain, Spark, and more by telling the story with all new sections of developerWorks.


Looking to the future

Going forward, you will see lots of new capabilities and resources rolling out across developerWorks. We see the era of cognitive computing on a cloud platform as the “North Star” for the industry. This is where much of the technologies and business innovation today will lead to – and developerWorks will be right there with you helping you along this journey. To that end, there has been a lot of changes to developerWorks over the past few months.

We are excited to share our newly launched sections:

  • developerWorks Open – All things open source from IBM with the latest innovation from the IBM labs.
  • developerWorks Recipes – Experts and novices can come together to create IOT Recipes and tutorials to give developers a head start on IOT and other applications.
  • developerWorks Courses – Comprehensive online training and certification prep.
  • Developer Centers – Direct developer-to-developer interaction where you can get access to IBM’s product development teams within a comprehensive community portal.
  • developerWorks Premium – A complete package of tools, education, support, cloud credits, and event discounts to help you go from prototype to production in no time.
  • API Explorer – Comprehensive resource for API documentation where you can try and experiment with all  of the APIs from IBM.
  • Swift@IBM –Everything you need to know about IBM and Swift including an awesome Swift Sandbox.

Stay tuned, there are more exciting developments to come in the future at developerWorks.

My t-shirt says it all and it rings true today as it did when developerWorks first started– “Developers….Improving the world 1 line of code at a time.” We are honored to be an essential element in helping you, the developers, change the world.

We’d love to hear from you! We want to know where you think software development is going and how we can help you, wherever that may be.


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