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The internet is full of surveys and quizzes. While the quiz I’m about to tell you about won’t reveal which animal is most like you, what type of coffee suits your personality, or what your ninja name is — it will evaluate your current software delivery approach and provide insight and resources to help you achieve maximum DevOps.

Ever wonder how you or your company can accomplish faster time to market for new applications or updates, quicker response times, and even happier employees?

Take the DevOps self-assessment quiz and find out.

There’s even more to this assessment. Let’s say (this is all hypothetical, of course) you have a great product, it’s way better than your competitors, and yet they’re always beating you to market. They release fixes faster, perhaps even have better customer satisfaction than you. Ever wonder why? Maybe it’s as simple as the processes they employ to streamline their efforts and help achieve success. By taking this quiz, you can see how you measure against others in the DevOps movement.

The report also shows you where you can improve your processes and provides resources to help you get on your way.

The DevOps self-assessment

The quiz includes 15 questions, covering topics like:

• Demographics
• Strategies
• Practices
• Motivation

It took me less than 10 minutes to complete the assessment.

devops self assessment test

A few seconds after I submitted the assessment, I could see the current state of my software delivery approach and how I compared to other respondents. The rest of the results were nicely presented in a 9-page report (13 if you count the questions and my answers).

The report contains the strengths and opportunities for your current practices and strategies. There are explanations of the practices and recommendations on how to improve your process within each practice. The assessment includes links to webcasts, videos, and studies that can help you on your way to success. That’s a lot of helpful information for less than 10 minutes of your time.

Highly recommended.

Take the DevOps self-assessment quiz now.


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