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Back in high school, my first car was an old two-door Plymouth Horizon hatchback in a light, golden beige. Its crowning jewel was a flip-top sun roof. That car was sporty and cool (at the time) but often ended up in my father’s garage. Many times, I would observe my father as he’d look for the problem, putter around his workbench, grab a few tools, and make the repair. As he worked, he would remind me: “Someday when your car needs repair, look for a garage where the mechanics can work with you and explain the problem. And, maybe you’ll learn a few things.” By the time I finished college,  I had no time to waste and having the right garage and a trusted mechanic were essential to all the places that I needed to go.

When it comes to quickly and efficiently building the go-to-market apps you need, you don’t have time to waste either. With IBM Bluemix® Garage, designed for companies of all sizes, you get access to the right skills, approach, and tools you need to design and build engaging applications.

Mechanics who work with you

Clients come to the Bluemix Garage because they are looking for a new way of doing application development. The Bluemix Garage team employs IBM Design Thinking, Lean Startup, and Agile DevOps methods to help you build the right applications on Bluemix for your users. At the heart of the garage is a meld of open source compute technologies, hybrid connectivity, and continuous delivery tooling inside IBM Bluemix. This mix of resources fuels the rapid innovations that IBM clients want, expect, and get.

You not only work with an IBM team of top-notch “mechanics,” you become one of the mechanics. You work right alongside each other, getting and giving feedback, to rapidly achieve the right app for your users.

Take a look inside the Bluemix Garage:
IBM InterConnect 2016: Bluemix Garage Tour with Rachel Reinitz & Sarah Plantenberg
Catching the Daily Vibe at the Bluemix Garage: A day in the life of the Bluemix Garage by Rachel Reinitz, CTO for IBM Bluemix Garage

Mechanics who teach you a few things

The Bluemix Garage has a variety of offerings for you to engage in and learn about, depending on your level of digital transformation. You can choose from a half-day Garage Visit or 2-5 days of the IBM Design Thinking Workshop, to a longer-term MVP Build-Up or Garage Transformation. You can also select from a variety of courses, including the Bluemix Enterprise Developer, DevOps Continuous Integration and Delivery, IBM Bluemix Garage Method Developer Bootcamp, and Galvanize Bluemix Academy.

These offerings and courses are available from the Bluemix Garage nearest you, with locations in San Francisco, London, Toronto, Nice, and Melbourne (coming soon), or wherever you are. And for continuous innovation, learn how to make the IBM Bluemix Garage Method a part of your transformation journey.

My father’s garage advice

The advice my father gave me in his garage applies just as well to today’s developers. When you need to rapidly build innovative applications, look for trusted mechanics who can engage you in a solution to help keep you and your clients going. You’ll fare far better than that old Horizon did, and you’ll learn a lot more than just a few things along the way.

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