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For this month’s post, I spoke with IBM Cloud Advisor Program Manager Sarah Stolpe, who gave me a quick overview of the program and pointed me to several resources. She explained how IBM Cloud Advisors help you adopt and transition to the cloud in a way that’s right for you. The program is best summarized with these four questions:

Question 1: What is an IBM Cloud Advisor?

Mary Mt. Pleasant describes the role of Cloud Advisors and the breadth of technologies they cover in IBM Cloud Advisors – The road to success.

Question 2: How can an IBM Cloud Advisor help my organization?

John Easton, IBM Distinguished Engineer and IBM Cloud Advisor, answers this very question. He explains how IBM Cloud Advisors partner with you to find the best path to meet your business goals.

Question 3: What can we expect when working with an IBM Cloud Advisor?

John Easton explains how Cloud Advisors work with you to understand the business goals that you want to achieve. He also shows how IBM and industry cloud technologies and practices can come together to achieve your objectives.

Question 4: How do we find an IBM Cloud Advisor?

That’s easy. To talk to a cloud expert, complete this form, and an IBM Cloud Advisor will contact you.

Work in action

Here are two of several examples of how IBM Cloud Advisors have worked with clients to achieve their cloud objectives:

Knowledge in action

IBM Cloud Advisors regularly share their knowledge on developerWorks. Here are some of articles in which IBM Cloud Advisors have contributed:

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