Last year, IBM and 21Vianet partnered to bring IBM Bluemix to China, and a partnership was formed that has placed the IBM Cloud at the center of a new wave of entrepreneurship and innovation in China.

Today, IBM and 21Vianet Group have announced they are expanding on that partnership in order to fuel greater cloud innovation in China by incorporating Blockchain, Internet of Things, and advanced cloud data services on the IBM Bluemix platform.

Ernie Hu
Ernie Hu, China General Manager, IBM Cloud, discusses new Bluemix services available in China.

As China’s population of cloud and software developers continues to grow with the country’s innovators, industries across China continue to progress the way they use and build with advanced technologies via the cloud.

And the upside potential is tremendous across China’s vast network of enterprises and startups: IoT alone is expected to reach a value of $121 billion by 2022, growing at a CAGR of 41 percent. That’s a lot of things, even for China!

With this most recent announcement, IBM brings a comprehensive set of blockchain and IoT services to China’s burgeoning developer community. Accessed through IBM Bluemix, IBM’s blockchain technology is based on the Linux Foundation’s open source Hyperledger Project, and provides an open infrastructure to quickly begin building and testing new blockchain applications and industry use cases.

The availability of IBM blockchain services on IBM Bluemix in China complements IBM’s recent announcement of the availability of signed blockchain code image, which will allow Chinese companies to download, easily install and run a Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain network on Docker-enabled environments.

This same set of services will be available and delivered on the cloud the IBM Bluemix, and will make blockchains potential available to a large community of developers and help drive greater blockchain innovations in China across a range of industries.

As for IBM’s Watson IoT platform, it will help developers in China to connect devices and things and capture and sort IoT and other data across a range of new applications.

Cisco and IBM Expand Partnership

Also as part of today’s news, Cisco and IBM are expanding their global collaboration, bringing real-time data analytics to companies managing remote operations in China, such as oil rigs, factories, shipping companies, and mines.

In tapping the power of Bluemix and IBM’s IoT technologies, along with Cisco’s specialized analytics for data at the network’s edge, Chinese companies will now be able to monitor their remote equipment in real-time, increasing productivity while reducing maintenance costs.

“Strategically, with China’s domestic cloud, the international cloud and high performing data centers as the starting point, 21Vianet Group is committed to creating an open hybrid cloud ecosystem. IBM has long been a vital partner for 21Vianet’s cloud strategy, and in the future we will work together to facilitate a wider range of cooperation,” said Steve Zhang, CEO, 21Vianet.

“Today, IBM Bluemix operated by 21Vianet is able to help Chinese companies transform and extend their cloud services to developers, helping to support entrepreneurship,” said Zhang. “We also plan to continue working with IBM to build a robust and comprehensive cloud ecosystem in China, combining our 20 years of experience in data center operations with IBM’s advanced cloud services and deep technical expertise. This will give Chinese businesses the right mix of tools to innovate and succeed.”

IBM Bluemix, IBM’s cloud platform, has grown rapidly to become one of the largest open public cloud deployments in the world. Based on open standards, it features over 150 tools and services. IBM Bluemix will help to ensure that future evolutions of Chinese cloud apps remain interoperable, giving the country’s tech economy a solid foundation to springboard future innovation. In addition to the platform’s existing broad catalog of open tools and languages, such as OpenWhisk and Node.js, IBM Bluemix will also offer access to the Go open programming language. IBM will also offer Swift to Chinese companies, which will help the globe’s largest population of iOS developers to more rapidly design and deploy mobile apps.

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