The Security Systems group in IBM has unveiled a new developerWorks Developer Center for IT security operations specialists who work with Identity and Access Management (IAM) systems. The “IdentityDev” site will be a “one-stop shop” for discussing, planning, and deploying IAM solutions based on the IBM Security Systems portfolio of offerings.

Dinesh Jain
Dinesh T. Jain works in the IBM Security Team from the IBM Software Lab in Pune India. He specializes in designing and deploying end-to-end IAM systems for IBM customers. Dinesh has led the effort to design IdentityDev and bring it to market place on developerWorks. He spoke with me on a recent episode of This Week On developerWorks about the new initiative.

IdentityDev Center
The IdentityDev Center is organized into sections based on where customers are in their IAM deployments.

  • The Showroom:
    The Showroom section is for people who are in the process of analyzing their requirements and making an initial plan for what they want to achieve with their IAM system. The show room features white papers, analyst research, and buying guides related to IAM to make people aware of the important issues that need to be considered in an IAM system. The Showroom also has a calendar of online webinars and events that people can sign up for to learn about and discuss requirements for IAM systems.
  • The Concept Studio:
    For people who are already familiar with identity management issues and have a good idea about the use cases and scenarios they need to support, the Concept Studio provides a way for them to discuss the “next generation” identity management issues with other IAM professionals and IBM’s security systems development team. These discussions are designed to foster a consensus between the development team and IAM professionals to ensure the right capabilities are added to IBM’s IAM portfolio.
  • The Construction Shop:
    The Construction Shop is where the ideas fostered in the Concept Studio come to life in code produced by the Security Systems Team. It provides ways for IAM professionals to get access to early versions of product code so they can try the new features for themselves and provide feedback to the development team.
  • The Deployment Center:
    The Deployment Center is where IAM professionals can customize and configure IBM’s IAM portfolio to their specific needs and IT environment. There are tuning guides, examples of customization used in the deployments, and how-to guides for common deployment patterns. The Deployment Center also offers clients the ability to speak with Security Systems’ IAM experts like Dinesh to discuss their particular needs and their particulat challenges.
  • The Service Station:
    The Service Station component for IdentityDev is designed to help people quickly find the documentation and answers they need when they have questions or issues with a software product. It gives people access to Frequently Asked Questions, product documentation, and guidance. And in cases when a software bug needs to be reported, the Service Station helps people walk through the PMR procedures to get fixes.

IdentityDev is shaping up to be the common meeting ground between the Security Systems IAM development team and IAM security specialists world-wide fulfilling developerWorks “developer to developer” vision.


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