Are you ready to cross the innovation threshold?

When it comes to technology innovation, you have big aspirations for what you want to achieve. But, you might not have all the knowledge, skills, or resources you need to carry out and complete your project. The more you wait or struggle at being stuck, the more frustrating it becomes to realize your goal. That’s when you need to call the IBM On Demand Consulting experts, part of IBM Cloud Professional Services.

On Demand Consulting from IBM Cloud Professional Services

Accelerate your path to innovation

IBM On Demand Consulting is a subscription service that gives you access to the experience, knowledge, resources, and skills of a worldwide team of IBM experts. I recently chatted with Chris Westwood, the IBM On Demand Consulting Lead in Europe, about what this service means for our clients. Here are the highlights of our conversation:

  • Get access to the right skills. Whatever your challenge is, you can feel confident knowing you have access to the right expert with technical savvy and in-depth experience to help you complete your job. You can use their assistance to accelerate your skills and understanding to help bring more innovation to your projects, ultimately making you more competitive in the marketplace. By having access to IBM experts, you can get through your project more quickly and easily.
  • Get assets and insights. Maybe you have the right skills and even the right expertise. But, what if you don’t have the tools and capabilities to help you achieve your goal? IBM On Demand Consulting has an array of assets to give you valuable insights. Some of the assets include testing capabilities, best practice documents, methodology, toolkits, and coding. Depending on your needs, these assets can help you, for example, reduce development efforts, respond quickly to business changes, or develop processes based on pre-built assets.
  • Put innovation into your execution. When you have access to the knowledge and experience of IBM experts across the globe when you need, you can leap across the innovation threshold. IBM On Demand Consulting experts can help you view your project in a different way and ask questions that you might not have considered. With their experience and in-depth perspectives, you go beyond simply executing your project to creating new innovations.
  • Keep IBM experts on hand for when you need them, for as long as you need them. You might not know when you’ll need IBM’s experts for your next project or big idea, but you’ll be glad you can call on them when you do. By keeping them on hand, you don’t have to worry about waiting on lengthy procurement or contracting agreements. You can contact them anytime you get stuck, have questions, or could use their mentoring to keep your project or innovations moving forward.

Achieve a competitive edge

How you innovate with the technology that is available to you is what gives you the competitive edge. With On Demand Consulting, you can cross that innovation threshold faster, so that you can innovate with our technology as quickly as possible.

To learn more, see the IBM On Demand Consulting flier from IBM Cloud Professional Services. Then, to get started on your IBM On Demand Consulting subscription, complete the contact form, and an IBM Cloud Professional Services representative will contact you.

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