I heart APIs.

Who is with me? I have some API news that is about to make your day. As a developer you want to be agile, move quickly, and just build stuff. We built /api explorer to help you build cool stuff, faster. Now you have a one-stop-shop to search and filter through all of IBM’s Software-as-a-Service associated APIs in one central location.

With the new /api explorer you can demo as many APIs as you would like, anonymously, with the click of a button! You can store and manage your keys within the UI. With the push of a button, you can take your APIs to IBM’s Cloud through Bluemix. You can read about, work with, try and buy service offerings within a single user interface. Sounds almost too good to be true, huh?

As with most technologies, there were hurdles to overcome, scenarios to figure out, questions to be answered, and we learned much along the way working with developers from all walks of life. Those lessons pushed us to dream big for /api explorer and there was quite a bit of hard work and long days and nights ahead of us to get to now.

With these lessons learned we added more functionality, pushed for more content to help you understand how the API works, and we dressed it up as if it were going to a cosplay competition at Comic-con.

What can you do in /api explorer?

  • We want you to be able to filter and search our catalog to find the API for your application.
  • Once you find one that might work, we want you to be able to demo any API, anonymously, to see how it works.
  • Once you see how it works, we want you to be able to move into a trial seamlessly, without requesting your first born child.
  • We want you to be able to buy an API with a click of a button, if you like what you saw. Some instant gratification, and who doesn’t like that?
  • We wanted to provide you the ability to adjust the parameters of the request to fit the problem you’re trying to solve.
  • We want the ability to show, store, handle multiple keys, and manage key sets. Like a 24/7 locksmith for your APIs.
  • With the push of a button, we want you to take your APIs to IBM’s Cloud – Bluemix, where you can start developing your next level apps using our services.

Did we say some of this already? It’s so good, it bears repeating.

Take a peek at the image to the right. We’ve exponentially increased the area devoted to the human element of an API. The code is great and all for your applications, but we wanted to give you more on how to use it with the context of the code. Knowledge is power… and we want you to know how to combine functions to take over the world!

Ok, maybe that’s pushing it, but I think you get my point. We want to give you more information about the operations, so you can do more and make better applications.

That’s why we are telling you, at InterConnect, that developerWorks /apie explorer has launched.

Our APIs + Your ideas = Infinite possibilities.

api explorer details apge

The new look for IBM’s as-a -Service api documentation

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