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Newsletter highlights for this month

  • CLOUD – Top 5 cloud tutorials, Apache CouchDB 2.0, and more.
    This month, IBM developerWorks Cloud has a treasure trove of outstanding new resources. Take a peek at the most popular and reader favorites tutorials, from learning how to map workloads to the cloud, to a guide to choosing cloud service and deployment models.
    Read the latest Cloud newsletter.
  • MOBILE – It’s all about Swift this month!
    Start with newly published courses! Learn how to create Swift mobile apps with IBM Watson™ services and check the four steps to mastering the new and improved IBM Cloud Tools for Swift. And of course, much more Swift@IBM content.
    Read the latest Mobile newsletter.
  • DEVOPS – Best of… and top fives!
    Check out the top five DevOps practices to improve security in engineering and the best of UrbanCode Deploy.
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  • IOT – It’s all about the data!
    Discover the importance of architecting the flow of your data in your Internet of Things solution. Or learn how Continuous Engineering can help manufacturing organizations adapt to the new product development challenges associated with the Internet of Things.
    Read the latest IoT newsletter.
  • COGNITIVE – It’s a cognitive end of year!
    Learn how to build cognitive solutions for industries or build a retail virtual assistant that improves customer experience with sentiment analysis. Don’t miss the upcoming Watson developer conference.
    Read the latest Cognitive computing newsletter.
  • BIG DATA & ANALYTICS – Tutorials, articles, and videos to get you started!
    Scan this newsletter to find out about the IBM Open Platform with Apache Hadoop 4.3 technical preview or quickly learn about the concepts of data balancing, weighting, and boosting.
    Read the latest BD&A newsletter.
  • OPEN TECHNOLOGY – Picking up the speed!
    Leading off with a major announcement: the establishment of the JS Foundation to foster JavaScript developer engagement, collaboration, and best practices under an openly governed model. IBM is donating Node-RED as one of the foundation’s initial core projects. Also check out the new open source project called JSONata that will help you query and transform JSON data structures.
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  • MIDDLEWARE – Contemplate your journey to the cloud or hybrid cloud!
    Whether you are immersed in application development, cloud integration, or process transformation, you’ll find the latest WebSphere® and Business Process Management news and resources right here. Our newsletter features a mix of middleware content that also includes PureApplication®, Bluemix®, DataPower®, Operational Decision Management content, and much more!
    Read the latest Middleware newsletter.
  • SECURITY – Latest in security-related news and offerings.
    Identify and avoid false positives with IBM AppScanassess the vulnerability of an enterprise’s applications and network, or learn how to configure your Bluemix Node.js authorization proxy to communicate with the user. Check out the Security issue today!
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