What is hybrid cloud? How is it being used? How can it help me? Where is it headed?

Hybrid cloud has inspired a great deal of curiosity in recent days, and questions like these are common both inside and outside the IT community. Here at IBM®, we’re fortunate to have among our ranks some of the leading minds in this realm. So it makes sense that we would want to share our hybrid cloud expertise with the world, and who better to introduce you to our experts than IBM’s Vice President of Cloud Architecture & Technology?

In his Cloud Dragon Dojo video series, Angel Diaz gets together with some of IBM’s leading technologists to explore key issues around hybrid cloud, such as DevOps, mobile apps, containers, open source tools, and much more. Find out what hybrid cloud is all about from some of the folks who are leading its development.

Recent highlights

  • Bala Rajaraman: IBM Fellow, CTO, Cloud Platform Services, discusses the launch of the IBM Cloud Architecture Center.
  • Dan Berg: Distinguished Engineer, Cloud Foundation Services & DevOps, offers tips on getting started with DevOps and IBM Container Service.
  • Todd Moore: IBM VP of Open Technology, shares IBM’s contributions to various open tech communities.
  • Jason McGee: IBM Fellow, VP & CTO, IBM Cloud Platform, explains the fundamentals of the IBM Cloud architecture.

And with more than 20 other installments in this popular series, there’s a good chance you’ll find an answer to any hybrid cloud questions you might have. But if you can think of any that aren’t covered here, let us know. Chances are, we’ve got someone who can help.

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