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You now have access to the best technical information on seven popular software development topics: cloud, mobile, big data and analytics, DevOps, cognitive computing, Internet of Things (IoT), and our latest, security.

There have been a few developerWorks newsletters updates this month:

Newsletter highlights for this month

  • Microservices are hot and developers are using them to build all sorts of innovative cloud applications. Naturally, developerWorks has been covering this software architecture style since its earliest days, but this is one of those rare topics that is so important that it deserves its own video channel. Say hello to Microservices TV! Explore the fundamentals of Microservices, along with news, trends, and tutorials that will help you stay current. You can also check our Cloud newsletter for more information on Microservices.
  • With the recent release of MobileFirst Platform Foundation 8.0 Beta and Bluemix® Mobile Foundation Service Beta , you can find a lot of new tutorial information for MobileFirst Platform developers. Check our Mobile newsletter for all of the currently available tutorials.
  • Introducing the new Identity Dev Center: Dinesh Jain, IBM Security Systems, takes us on a tour of the new Identity Dev Center, where the IBM IAM team works with customers through all stages of the development cycle. Read more on our newly launched Security newsletter .
  • It is all about Watson™ in our Cognitive computing newsletter this month! Watch “Conversational Apps Episode 5: Apps in Everyday Life,” and check the entire “Building with Watson” series.
  • IoT represents a new ecosystem of devices and applications, which are integrated in innovative ways to deliver smart services. Don’t know where to start? If you’re ready to start programming for IoT, this tutorial will get you started by building an IoT app that automatically notifies remote users if their computer or IT network is down by using the IBM Bluemix workspace, Node-RED, and Twilio. Check our IoT newsletter for more IoT tutorials.
  • IBM’s Chief Data Officer, Inderpal Bhandari, Ph.D., discusses the role of a chief data officer, what defines a good data strategy, the role of cognitive computing in today’s organizations, how cloud computing affects a data-and-analytics approach to business, and more. Check the blog post and the Big data newsletter for more information.
  • This month, IBM formally announced the Bluemix Garage Method, a robust set of practices to help organizations rapidly design, build, deploy, and scale innovative cloud applications. The Garage Method includes guided tracks through practices and tool chains used to deliver solutions. It also includes links to Bluemix services to automate the practices. See the “In the news” section of our DevOps newsletter to read what the press is saying.

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