Get your apps onto the cloud with WebSphere Application Server V9
When the Rolling Stones released their hit song Get off of my cloud back in 1965, they knew people were anxious to get onto their cloud after their success earlier that same year with Satisfaction. Fast forward fifty-one years later, and getting to the cloud has taken on a new meaning for application developers in today’s API economy.

Now, thanks to the release of IBM® WebSphere® Application Server V9, you can easily and seamlessly get your apps on the cloud. With public, private, and hybrid cloud options in V9, you can choose your environment and make the necessary transitions without disrupting your applications or infrastructure. This release gives you a framework for the future to develop what you need in a Java environment.

Connect to the cloud

Here is a quick look at what you can do with WebSphere Application Server V9:

  • Create new cloud-ready applications by using Java™ Enterprise Edition (Java EE) 7 technologies and other commonly employed technologies, such as the Spring frameworks.
  • Seamlessly and efficiently provision applications as needed on different infrastructures, minimizing infrastructure costs and operational expenses.
  • Use the cloud and your on-premises applications to quickly and easily create and expose your existing Java apps as APIs.
  • Connect existing applications to cloud-based services, such as the Watson Language Translation service.
  • Access APIs by using the integrated Essentials edition of API Connect, for entering the new API economy.
  • Manage JavaScript, Java, and APIs from a single administrative console.
  • Deploy applications anywhere: move apps with any cloud container service, move VM workloads to IBM Cloud, or choose from pre-configured environments and move your apps to IBM Cloud.


Get your apps onto the cloud today!

To learn how you can extend your application development architecture to the cloud, see the article What’s new in WebSphere Application Server V9?. If you are new to WebSphere Application Server and want to give V9 a try, download a trial copy. If you have a previous version of WebSphere Application Server, you can migrate to V9 with help from the IBM WebSphere Application Server Migration Toolkit. You can also use this toolkit to migrate from other application servers, including Apache Tomcat Server, JBoss Application Server, Oracle® Application Server, and Oracle WebLogic Server.

See what WebSphere Application Server V9 can do for you, and then let us know! Submit a developerWorks proposal or email me.

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