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In his 2013 book The New Kingmakers (a highly recommended read), Stephen O’Grady had this to say about the growing influence developers have achieved in today’s economy:

“Developers are the most important constituency in technology. They have the power to make or break businesses, whether by their preferences, their passions, or their own products.”  — O’Grady

We agree with O’Grady, so much so that these three things – developers’ preferences, passions, and products – are the focus of “The New Builders,” a  new podcast that is launching this week from IBM Cloud Data Services (CDS). We decided to call this podcast “The New Builders,” because we see developers as the builders who are creating our future through the innovative use of data and open source technology. We cover a range of topics, from developers bringing machine learning to a critical business application to helping you decide what’s for dinner with an intelligent recommendation engine in a smartphone app. We’re offering you an exclusive peek behind the curtains to see what makes these builders tick and what helps them hone their projects.

New Builders podcastAnd because many developers enjoy a good craft beer (or two), our inaugural episode is “Craft Beer and Progressive Web Apps.” The episode features a roundtable discussion with Greg Avola (CTO and co-founder of social beer app, Untappd) and Bradley Holt (Developer Advocate for IBM Cloud Data Services). Despite it being too early in the day for a round of IPAs, the conversation quickly turned to an engaging overview of topics like hybrid mobile apps, progressive HTML5 web apps, and the offline-first approach to application development.

There may have been mention of ways to combine the Untappd beer recommendation engine with CDS’ own “Marvin,” a Rock-Paper-Scissors-playing robot powered by  Apache® Spark™… but we’ll leave the details of that to listeners’ imaginations.


You can listen to this episode here, with myself and colleague Jim Young as co-hosts.


And this is only the beginning. You can expect to find new “builder” stories on a regular basis, which can all be found on SoundCloud, on IBM developerWorks TV at The New Builders, and on iTunes (coming soon).

Please send thoughts, feedback, and guest ideas to me at or Jim Young at, or reply in the comments.


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  1. Robin Wood April 15, 2016

    Nice first podcast! Perhaps we should play rock-paper-scissors with Marvin to see who buys the beer.

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