Abstract cloud motion In case you were wondering whether industries really are moving to the cloud, the Uptime Institute’s latest survey offers a resounding yes! In fact, it’s happening faster than expected.

The sixth annual Uptime Institute Data Center Industry Survey, which offers a broad view of the major trends in the IT world, found that 50% of enterprise IT executives expect the majority of IT workloads to move off-premises to either cloud or co-location sites in the near future. More specifically, 23% of those respondents expect the shift to happen in the next year while 70% of them foresee it happening in the next four years.

What’s driving this trend? In a word, money — or more specifically, lack thereof. For the last five years, the survey found that around half of all enterprise IT departments have had flat or shrinking budgets. In addition, this year’s survey found that 55% of enterprises said that their server hardware footprints were either flat or shrinking. These factors have driven a demand within businesses for agility and cost transparency — which, in turn, has inspired many to move their workloads to the public cloud.

“Enterprise IT budgets and server footprints are in decline, and that trend will continue,” the report states. “Outsourcing is rampant in the face of opaque costs and chronically poor capacity planning.”

In response to these results, the Uptime Institute recommended that IT “move away from its role as a slow-moving centralized service provider, and instead provide corporate governance across the various lines of business — evaluating security, costs, efficiency, and IT performance for end users.”

So, as with any major industry shift, there will be winners and losers. But while this shift is happening more quickly than expected, it appears that there’s still time for players to make the changes necessary to stay competitive.

Of course, you’ll want to review all of the survey results to get the complete picture. And fasten your seatbelts — things are gonna get interesting!

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