Security for IoTFor the past couple of years, it seems that everyone who talks about the Internet of Things (IoT) also talks about the challenge of security in IoT. (See this December 2013 post, “Securing the Internet of Things: Where Do You Start?“) In a recent study of IoT developers, security is seen as a leading concern. Any IoT platform that developers use must have an answer to how to secure IoT solutions, and IBM® Watson™ IoT platform has definitely built security into theirs.

IoT vulnerabilities exist in all devices (smart phones, healthcare devices, connected cars, and more) and also in all the data that is flowing between the devices and IoT apps. Several articles on developerWorks explore these security vulnerabilities and discuss how developers can address them.

Last year, we published an article, “Combating IoT cyber threats,” which outlines many development best practices for developing secure IoT solutions.

This year, we published a 3-part series, “Design and build secure IoT solutions,” that provides techniques for securing all three architectural tiers or layers of an IoT application using Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) and IBM Watson IoT Platform:


Finally, in November of last year, the IBM Academy of Technology (AoT) live-streamed and recorded a THINK event called “Security & Internet of Things: A World of Possibilities!” They also broke down the individual presentations into a YouTube playlist, which included the following IBM Think Academy video that introduces security in today’s cloud, mobile, and IoT environments:

Is security your biggest concern in your IoT solutions?


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