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When I first worked as an editor and reporter in Colorado, each member of the news team edited stories written by reporters and then passed them on to two other editors to review. For example, after I finished editing a story about a protest at the university, I’d get up from my chair, walk to a colleague’s desk, and hand deliver a floppy disk. Then, maybe on my way back to my desk, another editor would have another floppy disk for me with a story about an accident in the canyon that she had just finished editing.

The old way of doing things, although effective in its own way (and in this case, encouraging more exercise!), was completely changed forever with the Internet. Now the same thing is happening with the cloud.

Customers and IBMers who are working in the business process management and decision management areas are beginning to look back at creating and maintaining business processes applications outside a cloud environment in a similar way to how I look at my first job out of college.

I’ve been editing the Business process management content area of developerWorks since August 2014, and I’ve been impressed with how submissions help developers and business users find easier ways to get their daily work done. We cover IBM Business Process Manager, IBM Operational Decision Manager, IBM Blueworks Live™, IBM Business Monitor, and the Business Rules and Workflow services in IBM Bluemix®.

This year is an especially exciting time because the process transformation area is now even more integrated into the cloud with some new product versions. In the Business process management area, I want to focus only on content from our authors that address how to use these products to transform processes and operations in the hybrid cloud environment. Check out what others have done, research some new products, and then share your story.

Read about how others are working with processes and decisions in the cloud:

I’m also looking forward to publishing some upcoming content that deals with integrating IBM Business Process Manager on Cloud with IBM Bluemix, and ways that authors have integrated IBM Operational Decision Manager and IBM Business Process Manager environments with Bluemix services, such as Business Rules and Watson™ services.

Learn more about process transformation in the cloud:

Share your story:

How have you been transforming business processes and decisions in the cloud at your organization? Send me developerWorks proposals about what you’ve been doing, or tell me what you think! You can connect with me through email or LinkedIn.

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