Author Spotlight: Sing Li
I’ve been working with Sing Li for almost my entire tenure at developerWorks® (we’re talking 15 years here). He encompasses all the things I look for in a contributor: he’s bright and curious, works hard and rarely misses a deadline, turns in complete and well-written drafts, and manages to retain his sense of excitement about new technologies. Although I do pay him for his work, I always feel like I’m getting the better end of the deal, especially when he goes to the mat for me on work that may not align directly with his interests, all while meeting his (often unreasonable) deadlines.  Because he always delivers, I’d like to use my first post in our new blog to thank him publicly for all that he does for me (and the entire developerWorks community!) and provide a rundown of my favorite contributions of his from the past year. 


React.js and React Native

Create maintainable, high-performance UI components

Into a new world of rapid iOS development

React.js, an open source UI component-building library from Facebook, has become an essential tool for JavaScript developers since its inception in 2013. Sing, ever the JavaScript enthusiast, was eager to share his knowledge on React.js with our readers. He started with a detailed look at the framework, which got a tremendous reaction. When React went mobile, he was gracious enough to offer a follow-up for the iOS crowd, which fared equally well.


Compelling UX in Java with Vaadin

Full-stack Java web dev with Vaadin

Develop full-stack Java apps with Vaadin in the cloud

Sing’s two-part article dives into the Vaadin framework, which allows you to take advantage of the latest advances in HTML5 and JavaScript to create a compelling user experience without having to master any of those technologies first. Sing covers how the framework deploys them for you while you focus on what you already know: Java code.


Docker: Containers, baby!

Docker: A boon for the modern developer

Containerize golang apps with Docker and Bluemix

Sing’s articles on Docker are a superb addition to his canon and worthy of your attention. Again, in a two-part approach, he explains why incorporating Docker into your development workflow is critical, allowing you to quickly switch among app development environments and greatly improve your productivity. He then walks you through how, with IBM Containers for Bluemix, your containerized apps can go even further from development through testing, to scaled cloud-based production deployment with record-breaking efficiency.

I am especially fond of the second tutorial, as it includes a wonderful video where my canine companion is featured for all to see. He’s approaching the very end of his time on the planet (heartbreaking for me, of course), so I’m comforted in the knowledge that he’ll be forever in the public domain.

Thanks, Sing. I can never say that enough or with the appropriate dose of gratitude. I don’t know how I would have managed to keep my topic areas fresh and interesting without you, and I look forward to continuing working with you in the future, wherever that takes us.

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