At the corner of 1st Avenue and 7th Street in downtown Minneapolis is a tribute to some of the greatest musical groups and artists in pop culture. Their names appear inside white stars on shimmering ebony brick walls that lead up to the legendary performance venue First Avenue. This hot spot is also where the musical genius Prince — known for his unique kaleidoscope of funk, pop, R&B, rock, soul, and jazz — performed regularly and filmed the movie Purple Rain in the 1980s. Even after reaching worldwide fame, Prince always called Minneapolis “home.” With a legacy of incredible generosity, artistry, talent, and inspiration in the music business, it’s no wonder he earned the one brilliant gold star among the stars at First Avenue.

When it comes to developing APIs and microservices with StrongLoop and Node.js, you can earn a gold star too, and possibly even worldwide fame. This gold star comes as an open badge. IBM® Cloud Technical Engagement offers several open badge opportunities for you to demonstrate your StrongLoop and Node.js knowledge to your peers, the industry, and the world. Various options are available whether you are a learner or a seasoned practitioner.

Earn your star power

The open badge is an electronic badge, which is part of the IBM Open Badge
program. By earning open badges, you can showcase and share your credentials across social and networking sites, by email, and on personal websites.

The open badges for StrongLoop and Node.js include the following opportunities:

* Indicates multiple levels of achievement

For each badge, follow the link, review the requirements, and complete the required tasks. After you finish the tasks, complete the badge claim form, and submit it for verification. For the badges with multiple levels, you submit the badge claim form each time you complete a level. You must complete each badge or level within a period of 12 months.

It took Prince a lifetime get his gold star, so imagine the recognition you can achieve in just 12 months. Start earning your star power with the StrongLoop and Node.js open badges today! And, you might just find yourself singing Baby, I’m a Star!

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