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Sword Art Online The Movie: Ordinal Scale.
Sword Art Online The Movie: Ordinal Scale.
IBM z13 mainframe from IBM z Systems.
IBM z13 mainframe from IBM z Systems.

Does the server in “Sword Art Online The Movie: Ordinal Scale” look familiar? It should — it’s inspired by and modeled after one of the world’s fastest and most secure enterprise servers — the IBM z13 mainframe from IBM z Systems.
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UPDATED March 26, 2016:
Game or reality? Players live to tell in IBM’s VRMMO Sword Art Online Project

IBM brings real life VRMMO to “Sword Art Online: The Beginning”
Original published March 21, 2016
The VRMMO sponsored by IBM, replaced the NerveGear helmets with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive VR headsets. The event showcases IBM’s SoftLayer cloud technology with the high performing, cognitive computing big data power of Watson to take the video gaming industry into completely new worlds of game play. After a 3D body scan, gamers are transformed into avatars of themselves that live inside the game. No controllers are required as players use their body to make moves.

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Sword Art Online: The Beginning

Sword Art Online

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220 Comments on "Scenes from Sword Art Online The Movie: Ordinal Scale"

  1. Julio Fernandez March 18, 2016

    “No controllers are required as players use their body to make moves.” Wow, can’t wait to become part of the game!

    • Is there technology available like in the anime, as when your nerves connect to the game without your body moving in the real world? Isn’t that something to think about, sure something like in the anime can happen but that would be a risk we would make on our on.

      • Especially, that the graphics can be way more advance, but don’t listen to me I’m just another person asking questions. If you think about it is there technology out there like that?

        • josh_kakoiiie May 02, 2016

          yeah i think it would be cool to have that… but i don’t think it is possible to have an equipment like that…

        • It’s theoretically possible once we understand more about the human brain however I wouldn’t expect this sort of technology within our lifetime. Even if a prototype was made I don’t see it being deemed safe for consumer use for a long time to come, one small error and you could suffer serious brain/nerve damage.

          • Actually there are games that run as of right now by detecting our brain wave patterns. Look up eeg interactive games.

          • It’s just like when pressing left button walk left.
            Like imagination it works.I guess

          • There would be next to no risk by just understanding our brain signals. However, if they make it so you CAN’T move during playing the game, that is a whole another level, and a whole new risk.

        • wouldn’t you think if they made a game based off SAO they would make it look like anime graphics

          • edesen1394 April 11, 2017

            Well, maybe, but that would be cool as hell! (Partly because I am a total SAO fan but,) After that they coul go farther from there..

      • The one factor that everyday people think is impossible to make in a VR is taste, smell, touch, and hearing. But it can be done, and is very much possible. It would require lots of very advanced technology. But if you were really truly passionate about making it happen, it could be done. Here’s a little info that just barely scratches the surface on what I know about making it possible. Here’s how: Things like taste are simply brain waves being sent from Neuro to Neuro. By recording what brainwaves look like when tasting a certain taste, like sour, you could then, with the right equipment, mimic that brainwave therefore tricking the brain into thinking your tasting that taste. If you wanted to use many different tastes for many different things, it would require A LOT of brain recording, so I would advise anyone to stick to the basic sweet, salty, sour, and bitter. It would save lots of time and money. And it’s almost exactly the same for touch; you could make that happen by mapping brain waves, because brainwaves “look” completely different when you’re feeling different things like hard, soft, or squishy. What you would do is map what the brain looks like when it’s feeling a certain texture like squishy and then mimic the brainwaves when the players avatar is “feeling” something that’s supposed to be that texture in the game. Sound is very simple, but when it comes to hearing “other players” and making your own avatar speak, what you would have to do is redirect brainwaves that tell you to speak and put them in the games data where they then could be then translated to make the sound appear to be coming from the player’s avatar. And to make it sound like that player’s voice, having them record them saying a few words before playing the game. That could then be transferred into the game so the sound is very similar to that of the players own. The only truly hard part is making good realistic animation, honestly I don’t know how anyone could make truly realistic animation, but here are a few ideas: As you can see by simply looking at the back of your hand, there are simply too many details in this world to simply animate. The only way to even start to capture the details would be to somehow use a photo, make it 3D, and make it so you can interact with it, for example, you would be able to go up and feel the roughness of the bark and touch the leaves in a sort of “picture” of a tree. Honestly I don’t know how to make that possible, but it was simply an idea I had. We already have the ability to make very extremely realistic animation, for example a creature in a movie, we have the ability to make it so very realistic and detailed, the only problem would be making the realistic object “feel able” or made so you can interact with that person or object, a little of that could be achieved if you have an already complex system that can monitor and send out / mimic brainwaves. If you had a system complex enough to mimic brainwaves, you could have the system send a message back to the players brain mimicking the signal to feel, taste, small, or hear, therefore making the brain think its smelling, tasting, hearing, touching, or doing something. Honestly I don’t know how complex the technology they are using for this is; I only watched a short 20:00 minute video on it. But I’ve heard it’s amazing, and it’s my dream to see it myself one day. I don’t know if their system focuses on actual movement and using brainwaves that were already sent, or recording and mimicking brainwaves. If you wanted the game to be even more like S.A.O. a system like option two (they do exist) could make it so the player doesn’t have to move their actual body, only their avatar. I’m not sure if their S.A.O. technology is more like an “Oculus Rift” where it mainly focuses on actually movement and actions, not brainwaves. Or if it’s more like “Emotivs Neuro-Headset” which focuses only on brainwaves, and controlling things mentally.
        I just scratched the surface on what I know, I’m young and haven’t been studying neurology for too long, but I’m very devoted and know a lot for my age.
        It’s my biggest dream to be able to go to a virtual world and get away for all the stress and pain of this world (At least temporarily). I hope one day to be a neurologist and get a degree in computer science.
        -A 13 year old girl with big dreams

        • Summer? You…are very different. Can I interview you?

        • “It’s my biggest dream to be able to go to a virtual world and get away for all the stress and pain of this world (At least temporarily)”

          That’s deep..and from a 13 year old girl at that..

          Your dreams are absolutely not far fetched.

          Here’s a few research links for you.




          • Hey bro we got the same opinion here but the way for walking and running looks like uncomfortable and they move like robot not really move like we do like freely they move like stop motion and they also nees quality improvement this is just a tester so they can be more improvement and also they scan for avatar makes the avatar sucks u know i see in yt one of the faces and looks like someone draw it really bad i mean for a game even though im in no position to say this cuz my drawing is far worse. I only draw stickman. Everyone might be waiting for this but dont forget about something, this is new tech so the price will be ridiculously high. I think i will buy the second generation or the third one to get a better performance but will take years. Also they cant make it too exepensive its mmorpg (massive multi player online role play game)u need a lot of people or else it wont be fun. This need a lot of improvement but im waitin for this. But i cant really believe this really come out like the one that i draw in my school –” about 6-7 months ago its a bit different though but whatever its a first step for a new generation of gaming

          • u and i are the same im 14 a guy and nervegear is my only dream i wanna escape all this pain lol

        • It is my dream as well. My dream is to produce music for video game companies like sword art online. I would like to escape the world and play music for all the players in SAO when and if the game comes out IRL. Join my party once you get in the game lol.

        • Reach for the stars!

        • Summer you are actually impressive and the fact that you are only 13 impresses me and makes me hopeful for the future
          I’m 16 and trying to program an A.I., and could use more than a little help. Email me if you think you could help.
          Regards, L

        • Wow I’m truly impressed by the complexly of the thinking you are saying I can only comprehend just a miner fraction compared to all you people.i have always wanted to get into the mechanics of making a game. An it is my dream to be apart of the making of the beginning but not to crush my own dreams but never going. to happen if brobebly die crying if I got to beta test.

        • Wow I’m truly impressed by the complexly of the thinking you are saying I can only comprehend just a miner fraction compared to all you people.i have always wanted to get into the mechanics of making a game. An it is my dream to be apart of the making of the beginning but not to crush my own dreams but never going. to happen if brobebly die crying if I got to beta test.

          • Few people have the passion that you do for making this happen, Jeremiah. Your passion will lead you to discover more and more about this topic, and if you continue to pursue it, you will become more and more able to help make this happen. Keep running.

        • Hey summer this is very emotionally deep and I actually feel the same as you about VR and would love to talk to you more, if you’d like to email me and we could talk?

        • Summer, Wow, what a great read. I hope you do good things. I cannot wait for the day of complete VR where we can visit VR worlds.

        • nathanieeeeeel November 06, 2016

          “It’s my biggest dream to be able to go to a virtual world and get away for all the stress and pain of this world (At least temporarily).”

          I feel you, I know what it feels like. Iol. Agreed to what you have said And I think that it would be much realistic if they used some lasers and put it on in our heads where they can transfer brainwaves and signals to the brain that can trick the brain to feel, to touch, to smell, to hear and etc.. I just want to escape in this reality and have fun in VRMMORPG SAO like but it seems like it’s still far in our reached but you know, I know that we can make it happen.
          I’m just a boy that keeps dreaming even though they told me not
          *Sorry for the grammar ^_^ I’m a BAKA!

        • i can understand where summer is coming from, its also been a dream of mine to fully dive into a virtual reality world where i can escape from everything in the real one, where just a blade could take you just about anywhere in the game and how you could move your body while fighting monsters… Ive played a lot of RPG and MMO games for a long time now and i never get tired of playing them, everyday i think about what would my life be like if i lived in a virtual world where i can travel anywhere with no worries at all, i would love to have the chance of being able to experience all of that in my life time, i’m only a 17 year old teenage boy, and i have a passion for these types of games (sort of like kirito in the anime), those who are able to get a feel of what Sword Art Online will be like in the future are lucky… being in a virtual world would be really amazing and learning things from in game is also something to look forward too, i would live in that world and in this one, but i would feel more alive in the virtual world than i ever would in the real one. i just want to grow stronger and learn new things about myself in that world that i wouldn’t find in this world.

        • Summer.

          I understand how do you feel.
          I really want that game become true, because sometimes, life’s hard, and you need to do something to relax.
          I really loved that anime, and know that it can become real, makes me very excited, like ” wow, i can do everything that Kirito did”.
          It was my dream for years after i saw the anime, and finally, it will become true.
          I AM weak and with this game I can “BE” stronger.
          I think I know what my psychologist would say.
          He would say that I am trying to overcome my real-life frustrations in a game.

          • “no matter what, my heart will forever be yours, until the day I see you again”
            found this searching up SAO.

        • for the detail of the body is when you get the game they scan your body and send that information the the head gear, and that becomes you avatar. The only thing you would be able to change about your avatar (if your not comfortable with random people seeing what you look like in real life) is probably your skin color, your hair color, and maybe eye color. That is all I can think of the wouldn’t make a huge difference in the detail, if there is more that you can think, well good on you.

        • well, i think is not as simple as you say, but i think its possible too. I really hope being able to end a universitary career of mechatronics (i know is exactly what Kazuto “Kirito” was studying, and its orientated to medicine and industry, this engineering its a combination of electronics, mechanics and computer science) with if im good at my job and being lucky, maybe i could help in this project. I have a few ideas too, like the scanning of nervous waves using specific patterns for every thing a human could/would do, probably is hard like making a dictionary of 3 languages word by word, but its possible and with enough tecnological advances and good developers. I cannot tell all i have in mind, cause are a lot of ideas, and i still have to organize them. Maybe i will come back any day to look for more replies in this discussion, and i would like to read them.

        • Interesting. Very interesting. Though it isn’t 2022 yet, I believe that our generation can make a game like SAO sooner than the anime anticipated. All we need is motivation and determination.

        • I just read your entire passage it was amazing I just hope that the technology will come some for this soon

        • “It’s my biggest dream to be able to go to a virtual world and get away for all the stress and pain of this world ”
          I am from in VietNam and I want to be your friend

        • Eric Bjarstal March 05, 2017

          Hello, I know I’m answering late but all these comments made me want to talk.
          A Full Dive technology is actually not impossible but it will require the finest of our technology, to enter in Full Dive, we must drive our nerves to the system and not to our body. Then we must create a system that will be able to read our nerves “language” and then apply them in the game (eye direction, body moves, talk and hear from the game etc…) That’s why I said we needed the finest of our technology, it’s because if one brainwave goes into our body instead of the system, it will certainly destroy the system, having a Nerve Gear means switch bodies but keep the same way of thinking and this can be dangerous, that is why we musn’t try to rush his creation and make a fully secure system. I’d say it can be release (for rich people only I guess…) in about 2025.

        • Jason Anderson March 08, 2017

          I know this technology exactly like in the show is possible, my only fear being that once logged in, a glitch in the system may cause you to not be able to log out for a time, for example, I am often not able to log off of games on my pc because it just won’t do it.
          But to me, it’s worth it. This world is cold and full of pain just like you said. I want to leave it forever.

          • yeah man i get were your comin from but….you kown if there wernt any risck in life no one would do anything so you kown if geting traped in a VR is what happaneds then theres no way ill complane

          • blackswordsmen March 13, 2017

            you are all so funny i injoy reading your guyses comets there COOL i loved the show sao was a big thing in my life and i liked it so much i have every thing that you can downlowed theres a game called sword quest in the app store i was one of the ferst 10 peppole to beat the game all the floors and all there bosses i had all of it…. sadly i broked the screen one my phone and from that it went to shit and now wen i go to downloed the game it never opens… the thing i like about it was the bugs in the game were left in the game so like it was SO…SO hard but i beat it and if that game was so cool i can only dream of what a VR sao

        • To be honest with you I’m having same thought’s. All the things you said are exactly how I’m thinking. Recording the brain waves/impulses and making a coding inside the game which when interacted with will give the same feel to it as in real world. Well it’s possible as it just the matter of information or coding/data(computer language) you are giving to a object for example touching someone’s hand the softness/roughness or squishyness/tightness of his/her fingers or palm that you feel are information given by the skin to the brain in form of waves, so recording each type of wave and make it feel the same in a game as in real life would require a ton of data/recording and then assigning them to each and every place of your body so that even if a thorn is stuck in your clothing in the game like near your calf’s the coding should make us feel that sudden sting in calf by playing that recorded brain wave of being stung in form of the data/information we provide to the game. In the anime we see that the nerve gear cancels the thought’s of being able to move in real world using microwaves and sends fake signal’s to the brain about the five senses(basic ones) being used.
          It’s one of my biggest dream to be able to play that game in real life.Sorry if I have any grammatical mistakes in my thought.
          -A 17 year old boy with some knowledge.

          • blackswordsmen March 14, 2017

            yeah man…totolly with you on that nerve senser.cus you woulded be abole to us a test dummy cus the test dummy dont feal pane.a humane would have to sit in a chere wile thay did all thoughs test OUCH!!!.but if it got me the console for free i would totolly do it.but if you think about it having pain sensers would be kind of deadly cus if a haker got his hand on the psine senser controle if he turnd it all the way up and cut you or wurs it would defently efect you mental and fisical aperents in reality.right. im 14 years old.and iv bin studeaing and dreaming about VR for the logest time and wen i watch sword art online it gave me a theam for my dream VR.and then i foud sword art online the beginnings i coudet even begin to to explean what happed

        • Hello Summer, I’m very impressed with your post, and you are right on several counts, however in terms of development what you said is in stage 3 or 4. which yes, does mean i am currently working on a prototype design. along with everyone else, I too am impressed, and if it succeeds, I’ll be lookin for beta testers. I’m 19 btw

      • No theres no tec that can control ur nerves the closest they have got to useing nevers is hitting a point to make ur arm move like hiting ur leg cap and leg moves but u cant control them brains the only thing atm

      • Minnie Wise January 09, 2017

        I agree that would be super awesome I just recently restarted watching Sao I love it
        I am already a gamer who loves anime in all forms I can’t wait until this is released it will be the game of the century to be you’re own avatar as well as making ur own moves Although like kirrito would we be able to use swords as well as other weapons in game without doing damage to anything outside of the avatar state?

    • Can’t wait to play it. It looks so awesome.

    • “NO controllers are required, players use their body to make moves.”…. Doesn’t that means that when we full dive in the game we have to move our body in the real world to make a move in the virtual world…. I am getting confused to how to move in the game…. So please someone answer my question!!!…..Will we will be full diving like SAO anime or not….

      • It’s a 3D body scan, something similar to the Xbox Kinect or Leap Motion. It scans an object within a radius and maps out your movements as you move, then correlates that in real time back to the game. In order for the walking to work, you’d have to have some sort of Omni-Treadmill which too are being built for consumers currently.

      • Sadly not to walk u have to move ur leg up and down to use sword u need to swing ur hand down and also 1 swing can mean 2 swing in the game so it wont be really fun i was expecting for a full dive though maybe they will come out with full dive in a few years or a few decade.. this is the first step though well i hope for a really good game. For now the quality is bad and we move like robot :/ not really good yet but i believe sometime full dive will be real

    • if your body moves while you play, wouldn’t they have to develop a big place where you can play it, because a lot of homes don’t have the space required for this, so, I was wondering how someone would go about playing this after it gets released?

    • The game looks terrible atm I don’t think you should move Irl it should be like Sao you lay down and play and the characters look bad I’don’t prefer them looking like Sao characters or just inspired by they’really characterso and another thing is the fighting graphics the character should be able to do unique moves say like kirito in Sao how he charges at them and strikes the player should be able to experience the vr same as sao

    • My name is William Collins I live in Ardmore Oklahoma I like the shows I want to try the nerve gear if you do not mine I watched sword art online for about 3years now I like the show so please let me try the nerve gear in real life. Or call me at 5804651326 I how to here from you I how you have a good day today.

    • Alex haechten December 10, 2016

      Wow if only I could test out a game like that or be developer of one

    • I love the show and the game and Iv got some prItty good Ideas that wIll change the the way VRMMO gameIng werks oh and Id lIke It If you could me teck but my name.Is zander

    • It needs to b just like show

    • whats date or year will be release the nearve gear i’m waiting for it i think i watch sword art online the nearve gear. and i think it’s not stand it and walk but i was watch it on sword art online its like rest on the bed and to start will be say LINK START i saw it on the movie

    • It wouldn’t work like the Nerve Gear, becuase the Nerve Gear uses mircowaves.

  2. Mathew Poynter March 18, 2016

    I am a huge fan of Sword Art Online, thank you IBM for making a dream come true for us fans! I know the event in Japan is just an “Alpha test” but I beg you to move this project forward to a full fledged game! SAO fans and VR enthusiasts alike will thank you.

    • Mizo Azamy May 17, 2016

      what are the requirements of the game ? is it gonna be available on PS4 ?? Camera of ps4 will be the scanner of the body .. as you know about this alpha test i believe you had the chance to see everything !!

  3. This is absolutely exciting and cannot wait to try! BTW, shall the acronym for ‘Sword Art Online’ be SAO instead of SOA?

  4. Alain Goyette March 18, 2016

    I’m still confused, mostly because my Japanese is next to nil…

    Was this a tech demo to see how IBM’s SoftLayer cloud technology can be used in a VRMMO context, or the actual development start of an SAO VRMMO?

    • Sadly only a tech demo for the moment. But who knows what the future brings us. Would be stupid to not make a real SAO VRMMO. Even for a MMO SAO have great ideas. What IBM does here with the SoftLayer cloud technology is not so far away from the Cardinal system in SAO itself.

      • Mathew Poynter March 18, 2016

        IBM’s Watson in a lot of ways can function exactly like the Cardinal System. It can manage the game on its own and self correct errors like Cardinal can.

  5. Uma pergunta no trailer não mostrou movimentos das perna. vai ser possível correr e andar ?

  6. Chan wai hong March 19, 2016


  7. […] Sayangnya, hanya ada 208 orang saja yang bisa menikmatinya. Untuk menggantikan NerveGear, IBM menggunakan Oculus Rift dan HTC Vive. Mereka juga menggunakan teknologi 3D body scan agar kalian bisa tampil di […]

  8. […] Sayangnya, hanya ada 208 orang saja yang bisa menikmatinya. Untuk menggantikan NerveGear, IBM menggunakan Oculus Rift dan HTC Vive. Mereka juga menggunakan teknologi 3D body scan agar kalian bisa tampil di […]

  9. […] The not really a virtual reality game that is the IBM IBM +0.03% marketing stunt called Sword Art Online: The Beginning released its first in-game footage recently and it looks thoroughly terrible. […]

  10. Umm.. The only thing that could make it better is if they fix the bugs, graphics, and sense of how close or far something is.

  11. Is the equipment out yet or is it still in the beta test

  12. Kisa Orelans March 20, 2016

    “The VRMMO sponsored by IBM, replaced the NerveGear helmets with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive VR headsets. The event showcases IBM’s SoftLayer cloud technology with the high performing, cognitive computing big data power of Watson to take the video gaming industry into completely new worlds of game play. After a 3D body scan, gamers are transformed into avatars of themselves that live inside the game. No controllers are required as players use their body to make moves.” this just got real…. VERY real…

  13. To be honest, those demo are far below my expected. It looks like this demo was developed by a amateur VR programmer. Also, Do NOT try to throw away the controllers if you are not going to develop a new controllers hardware. Leap motion is a magic staff, but still not good as the motion capture tools like Control VR or Perception Neuron.

  14. Jacob Lawson March 20, 2016

    I’m wandering if this game will become available internationally or will it be limited to Japan only. Also, if it is to be an international game, how will you make language interchangeable?

    • I think there will be a server system like for people in Usa there will be a specific server for that country so everyone can understand each other. and if someone who loves in a different country but speaks the same language as their home country they can join that country’s server

        • Link Hylian April 25, 2016

          They should make the Watson system able to connect regionally to players VR in-game hud and translate voice and vocal specifics into the audio of the player hearing the voice. Also, translating the tone, pitch, and volume of the voice being heard would be incredibly cool. But specific servers for different countries or regions would limit cooperative play and gameplay in itself. Making it an international, functional, verbal-common-footing would be the most amazing thing ever.

      • Well, Watson can also do REALTIME audio translations. So you speak in your native language and the person who you’re talking to hears their language. Not your voice, but still amazing technology. The Tower of Babel really exists now.

  15. If the game is multiplayer and follows the original story, then, personally, then players would be much better served if everyone play as themselves instead of playing either Kirito or as a companion. It’s much better to have Kirito and his gang played by AIs (and voiced, preferably by original voice actors), or a GM.

    • Link Hylian April 25, 2016

      That would be awesome! Having the different voice actors performing as specific in-game characters and playing them, even! Instead of simply voicing preset statements or lines off a page, they should actually voice for the character, BE the character!

      • Well, the advantage of Cognitive Computing is the ability to use natural language and to learn. So you “teach” Watson the different in-anime characters, and Watson becomes the AI running them “think Yui” as she is an AI entity.

  16. […] Friday, IBM shared demo gameplay footage leading up to the Tokyo event (shown below). Considering all the disappointed […]

  17. […] Friday, IBM shared demo gameplay footage leading up to the Tokyo event (shown below). Considering all the disappointed […]

  18. Isato/Sao fan/ March 21, 2016

    You could make better graphics … like more anime , and better skin but the other tings are fantastic !! i cant wait until it comes !!… My dream comes true!! Yay

  19. […] is sponsor van het project, dat slechts als techshowcase bedoeld is voor de mogelijkheden van de SoftLayer-clouddienst van het bedrijf om grote hoeveelheden […]

  20. […] SOURCE: IBMVollständige Immersion: Oculus Rift, Leap Motion und VR-Laufband was last modified: März 21st, […]

  21. […] Friday, IBM shared demo gameplay footage leading up to the Tokyo event (shown below). Considering all the disappointed […]

  22. 1. 3d monit scan + scan brain…
    2. decode.. moore steps:D
    3. beta version without 3d monit but tested it is ok and repair bugs
    4. Complet edtion true vr:)

    wait and hope for true full dive:)

    • Link Hylian April 25, 2016

      Can’t wait for true full dive tech! OOOOOOHHHH, it’s gonna be AWESOME!!!!!

  23. […] show off it’s current technologies. Here’s what the IBM developers had to say on their blog. […]

  24. that I could take part in the experiment;

  25. I hope this nerve gear conduct with brain… this will be more conducted to all people sense of body.. in reality we dont need to move around.. we only sleep and conduct this nerve gear to our head.. and link start to our brain… i seems its gonna be get long time until they develop that.. !

  26. […] Developer.ibm, Kamis (24/3/2016), IBM menawarkan Virtual Reality Massive Multiplayer Online Game (VRMMO) untuk […]

  27. I want to try looks that there is a lot of fun

  28. Amazing this game

  29. wene I can join?

  30. I wish if i can play sowed art online If this OK
    There I will play in Japan

  31. […] worlds are particularly attractive because it is actually within our technological grasp. I mean, even IBM is getting in on the action. Personally, I hope to be able to live to see it (as in the quality as imagined by the […]

  32. On what device can you play SAO the beginning?

  33. […] https://developer.ibm.com/dwblog/sword-art-online-vrmmo/ Starting today, a real-life Sword Art Online: The Beginning, is being played by 208 lucky gamers. The VRMMORPG sponsored by IBM, replaced the NerveGear helmets with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive VR headsets. The event showcases IBM’s SoftLayer cloud technology with the high performing, big data platform needed to take the video game industry to new worlds. After a 3D body scan, gamers are transformed into avatars of themselves that live…Read More IBM Technical Rock Star Program […]

  34. […] https://developer.ibm.com/dwblog/sword-art-online-vrmmo/ Starting today, a real-life Sword Art Online: The Beginning, is being played by 208 lucky gamers. The VRMMORPG sponsored by IBM, replaced the NerveGear helmets with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive VR headsets. The event showcases IBM’s SoftLayer cloud technology with the high performing, big data platform needed to take the video game industry to new worlds. After a 3D body scan, gamers are transformed into avatars of themselves that live…Read More IBM Technical Rock Star Program […]

  35. […] https://developer.ibm.com/dwblog/sword-art-online-vrmmo/ Starting today, a real-life Sword Art Online: The Beginning, is being played by 208 lucky gamers. The VRMMORPG sponsored by IBM, replaced the NerveGear helmets with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive VR headsets. The event showcases IBM’s SoftLayer cloud technology with the high performing, big data platform needed to take the video game industry to new worlds. After a 3D body scan, gamers are transformed into avatars of themselves that live…Read More IBM Technical Rock Star Program […]

  36. waaah,, I want to try too, it looks that there is a lot of fun,,
    I wish i can play ,,,

  37. […] than introduce Pokemon VRMMO. Anime like Sword Art Online are popularizing the idea of VRMMOs, with IBM-Japan even getting in on it by showing a SAO demo, it’s only natural for Nintendo to get in on the […]

  38. […] The last type of media would that are part of my digital identity that I would like to describe would be my posts. One of my recent posts was sharing about this Anime called Sword Art Online. It is an anime where the main characters are trapped in the game and if they die in the game, they die in real life. Apparently, they are making a real version of the game where you can utilize virtual reality game. A video showcasing the the town of Sword Art was shown. I shared it in my timeline and tagged one of my friends because we enjoyed the anime. The video can be found below. Details about this game and its developers can be found here. […]

  39. Shihara Nayomi April 17, 2016

    I really want to try this..I’ve always liked sao and mmorpg. I wish I could play vrmmorp like this. too bad I’m not Japanese.. hope they’ll make English version and share it with us sooner .

  40. cereal guy April 18, 2016

    if the graphics get better im moving in the Japan and live there just to buy this

    • Link Hylian April 25, 2016

      Hell, yeah! There’d probably be some sort of mass exodus of Americans, British, French, and more from Nations around the world. Japan would HAVE to share the game with other countries just to keep us out!

      • Yash Aggarwal June 07, 2016

        I would love if the sever will be available in India I can buy the hardware from usa for my favrouite anime ever

  41. SAO is a sucess because it have anime appearance, who looks really charismatic. You guy will keep the anime appearance or will use “human” avatars?

  42. As cool and awesome as it is, it would be much beter if we are in a sleeping state while we play the game as if were 100% in it. My fav anime is Sword art online and if this would be possible I would go insane ^^ may I hope I’ll still be here to see it happen! We did a lot in the past 16 years on technology and I now human kind can make this come true!! And let kirito and his friends be controlled by the computer itself. It would be cooler cause then he would follow the true story

  43. […] With the critical acclaim of the light novels and anime adaptation, IBM Japan decided to create the world of Sword Art Online with a Virtual Reality project. The game will be played by player’s moving their bodies rather than with a conventional controller to produce the VR experience. The game will be open to 208 players to test how it is. The full article from IBM can be found here. […]

  44. I’m confused,what vr gear does this game use

  45. Wasn’t it way easier and more realistic to create cloth with sensors (i.e. Lighthouse system from Valve/HTC Vive) to create a full body control? I mean it’s really nice to see that motion control without any hardware on your body works, but when I read that Watson is used as the computing power it kinda makes me sad, cause that means to me it’s not gonna happen soon.

  46. […] Ibm’s real-life sword art online: the beginning # […]

  47. Pasindu Nirmal Silva May 08, 2016

    Hello there. I’m Pasindu. The discussion of VRMMORPG is necessity. If you watch Sword Art Online then you can understand what VRMMORPG is. The concept of having a VRMMORPG is excellent. But there are many risks and dangerous situations which can occur as well. Like if one small small mistake it could damage the real body as well. But I would expect something.

  48. […] IBM’s real-life Sword Art Online: The Beginning # … – Ready for the next VRMMO experience? UPDATED MARCH 26: Game or reality? Players live to tell in IBM’s VRMMO Sword Art Online Project. To say that Japan’s Sword … […]

  49. Is this actually going to be a thing?!? Anyone have an esimate date for JA/US?!?

  50. Kiritoguy1 June 06, 2016

    It really is simple of course it would take years to research and test the idea of putting the mind into an online game the rest is easy we already have the occulus so actually all we have to do is program a single game by itself to create certain sounds for a certain game with a certain occulus oh and they’d have to make the whole respawn buissness which will be the hardest with all this you’d also have to know every crack and corner about the human mind


  52. oculus its just a visual not virtual although they can make new gadgets that can make you feel the game right?

    • so the new game the beginning is a VR – VISUAL REALITY right?

      • yeah that would seem right, but i read an article that based on current tech that the basic idea of the Nerve gear is or might come in the year 2022, the exact year that SAO released in the anime. I have actually put some thought into the idea you would need an entire pc inside the Nervegear to help with the computing and the lag of so many players in the game.But otherwise the is right an visual reality but the can also do the new movie for the anime, augmented reality or AR. then again microsoft created the hololens, so just to implement the idea to SAO Ordinal Scale. the idea is out there but not at the same time.

  53. Ever since I watched SAO I was hoping for it to be real. I hope its a full dive and not just half made thing with movements needing to be made in real life. If we have games that can be controlled via brainwaves then it is very possible for IBM to create a full dive SAO, if not myself and 16.5Millions SAO fans will be disappointed.

  54. Reece Martinez June 19, 2016

    I have recently finished season one of the Sword Art Online anime, and I am blown away that people are already taking steps towards make it a reality. Can’t wait for it to happen, but its time to go watch the second season.

  55. i want to see a real nerve gear

  56. http://www.seeker.com/bionic-eye-sends-images-directly-to-the-brain-1770629932.html
    Using something like this for the video feed and combining it with current brain wave sensor technology for the characters motion should easily make a nerve gear.

  57. a vast knowledge of computer science is needed for this full dive to become possible.. it may not possible at our time now but with technology it will absolutely become possible.

  58. So. . . Can’t we just put Kinect 360 and a VR headset together?

  59. Robert Johnson August 04, 2016

    Wonder when its gonna be released

  60. NerveGear, A Reality Not Far Away

  61. 958d4ae953c9f023ed22a882689b2eae1347517864_full.jpg
    Here I was, sailing the deep seas of the internet and are suddenly encounter a blog that caught my attention. I started looking threads and found one on the NerverGear, the helmet that can take you to the virtual world of anime Sword Art Online. My goal is not to debate this topic on the anime, since this is not the appropriate place, but specifically on the helmet and say why it is a not very distant reality. I’ll tell you that the text will be rather large, but those interested, read, will not regret. Let’s GO!
    But … What is NerveGear?
    Many people do not see anime, or did not see or know this specifically, then, here’s a basic explanation: In 2012, the anime Sword Art Online (SAO) showed a fictitious reality – and well palpable – as we could see in terms of Virtual reality technology in the year 2022. The NerveGear, shown in the anime, is a helmet that reads and sends information to the brain. It serves to read and transform into brain pulse commands within the virtual world and to send pulses to the brain in order to emulate sensation and perception. In the case of anime, sending impulses is so advanced that the helmet can make the user to disconnect from the real world and feel literally inside a virtual world. In technical terms what the helmet sends are several images per second to the brain in order to emulate an environment (how many frames per second? I do not know, but no lag, then it’s more than 24), this along with sensations of pain , cold, ect. All this while keeping the user in a semi-coma, unable to feel, hear, or move your body in the real world, also the result of sending electrical impulses to the brain.
    When I saw this I found very plausible, including the date, 2022. When the anime went however, although many people have found a cool idea, skepticism was huge in discussions when it would actually be possible: “2022 not in 2050 we have something !!! “. The skepticism was due to the fact no one even be researching something, and they had not any virtual reality devices in reasonable time (at least not widely publicized). Coincidence or not, in 2012 (the same year the anime) the “Oculus Rift” appeared in a technology fair, and left big names in the games industry baffled with the immersion that he could pass.
    Oculus Rift?
    The Oculus Rift is a device created by Palmer Luckey, an amateur games in seeking a more immersive experience. The idea of the Oculus Rift left the Palmer frustration after testing various virtual reality devices and disappointed with each of them. In 2012 he presented his project at a technology fair and the result was much higher than he expected. Big fish like the owner of Steam and other companies offered millions in investment for research, development and mass production of the device.
    The Oculus Rift is not just a rectangular display in front of you, he gives you the same field of vision of the human eye – that reaches almost 180 degrees. Combine this with the motion sensor to emulate human vision when you turn your head.
    After capital investment of large companies started the project to transform what was a prototype (which could be purchased through a more than $ 300 donation to the project on Kickstarter) in a commercially viable device. And then started the changes, improvements launched and, guess what? SUCCESS!
    The biggest problem the company still faces the Oculus Rift (or facing) is the sick feeling that many people felt (some had no problems) after prolonged use of the device. The second cause explanations of analysts, was due to absurd soaking the device causes. To put it simply, the sense of immersion is so great that your brain think you’re seeing something real, just that, as the prototype still gives some lags from time to time and still can not graphically convey the feeling of fluides real world (responsible for the device say that the final version that has been almost completely corrected), the human brain is confused and hence comes the feeling of sickness and malaise. This also occurs in games in first person, it is quite common. They say that the final version had this and other outstanding issues, but never had the opportunity to test … As I understand technology however, I am pretty sure that the device still has several bugs, and “things” that will need be improved. “Things” that will come in the second corrected version of the device, which will be better than the first (it will be repeated in version 3 and ect, but not as ridiculously as will happen from version 1 to 2). It is the same that occurs with new processor architectures, the jump from first to second version is always the biggest.
    Still not enough!
    Only emulate the environment eye will not give a near SAO experience, since you will still need a manual control (mouse or joystick) to move. The solution for this already exists as the video below shows through the simultaneous use of glasses with the Emotiv EPOC Rift and the Razer Hydra – all available for purchase on the Internet.
    The Emotiv EPOC can read electrical signals produced by the brain when we think, feel or do facial expressions. But how does it work? Example: When you think of “moving forward” the device will detect the brain wave created by that thought, giving a code to it – like 11101010 – then the device software will convert that number into a simpler reading, marking the code to 1, that the program’s language could be the floor of command forward. This process will be repeated for the thought of “going backwards”, “aside”, ect. After this calibration, game software would read the entry sent by EPOC software (the number converted to 1, 2, 3, ect) and would make virtual avatar in the game walk forward or back, side, depending on the code sent. For every person is different, so before using one of these would be necessary to calibrate your brain impulses to the device, walk forward to you can be the impetus detected as the code 11153612, 11126001 to someone else, that is, the impulse may look like but it is never the same in all people. The direction is given by the user’s head since the Oculus Rift has a motion sensor. And as the Emotiv EPOC still does not seem accurate enough to be able to move his arms with agility, the Razer Hydra unit is used to emulate the movement of hands and arms in the game. You can find many users videos calibrating and using EPOC, worth checking out.
    Would not it dangerous ?!
    Of course the main SAO still have not (or at least not for sale on the Internet for now), which is a device that sends waves to the brain in order to emulate and control sensations and perceptions. But from the moment you read the brain becomes something simple, I do not see why write it will be complicated. If the device can record the pulse coded as 11122210 is arm pain, nothing prevents that it can be optimized to send that 11122210 boost for your brain to make you think you’re in pain in the arm. The biggest problem are the dangers that “writing in the brain” has (SAO even showed some of them how you hold in a coma and delete or manipulate their memories). But thinking logically, these devices that send impulses to the brain must come with “engines” unable to create very strong impulses and potentially harmful to the brain, so even that give trouble, the signal they send is so weak that impossible cause data real to the person’s brain. But we will have to wait to be sure.
    The Perfect World
    I am holding myself to use in games here, but it is logical that the application of this device will far beyond that. You can travel to France without leaving home, meet her boyfriend (a) in a long-distance relationship – to be far less lonely – meet with the family even more each other than on a planet or even create your own private virtual world. The porn industry will profit absurd in creating games with companions or realistic virtual companions (even if the sensations emulator is already up and running). Whether sees potential it already has a game with realistic graphics and women created from the motion capture real actresses in dev elopment pro Oculus Rift!
    My fear is that in the future people will lock up within these virtual worlds – to be better than your reality in most cases. This already happens in MMORPG online, but immersion is still very low and most one sees controlling a puppet than actually feeling within the game. Now, when you feel inside of it, can turn your body out of shape on a muscular body (or model for women) and having a partner or companion (an NPC with a median AI created by you) perfect both aesthetically, when in terms of personality, by his side 100% of the time, you’ll want to get out of there? I’m afraid the answer, especially individuals with weak and disturbed psychological. And for people with a less fertile imagination, think that you could have your actor / actress or favorite idol beside him “doing what you want” all day, but you would have very close feelings the real world. Would you like to leave this place?

    The temptation is so great that I venture even a possible lock the device after so many hours of use, to prevent people lock up in his private virtual worlds and do not want to leave the house, go to work or even feed themselves properly. The problem is that as well as unlock consoles to play pirated games, nothing prevents them discover how to unlock something too.
    But when it comes? I’m crazy to buy! -q

    Take into account that the virtual reality of beta testing will start in a few years with the launch of Morpheus (virtual reality glasses from Sony), it is not hard to believe that in 2022 there to be with something very close to what was shown in SAO . After all, look where cell phones were 10 years ago, only served to make connection. Today are handheld computers with more powerful processing that a top PC 10 years ago. At about four years when the first smartphones were launched doubted they could have graphics of a console … Has anyone played Infinite Blade 3? or Real Racing 3? None of them is far behind the graphics of an Xbox 360.
    The business is now wait and prepare, because the future of virtual reality will start in 2014. And if there’s one thing everyone who tested the Oculus Rift agree, is that it will change the form of entertainment in gaming as we know it.
    What do you think?
    And you, what they think of it? What are your expectations for 2022 in terms of technology?
    Well, if one day it really come to become a reality, most likely thing, I probably only use my time in the real world to work and spend the rest in a virtual world. I must say that I approve of in parts.
    It is also likely to be not such a striking, something like SAO same. At first, greatest revolution, everyone buying … Then it would become something very casual. But of course that would have people (which I consider SICK) that pass all day playing, as well as in current MMORPGs.
    I think the bid of the risks to the brain would be the biggest problem. No matter the instructions vinhessem, timers, regulators who do the simulation is “less real” would always have trickster wanting to find a way. Bum is cool, says Davy Jones. It’s like Nintendo. The cartridge told not to blow, and when the cartridge did not work people did what?
    Of course, I’m also looking forward, what I most want is a bit of adrenaline / share. Always enjoyed more hardcore games (where you die long before passing of each part, like “Dark Souls”) then I would see a game type SAO focused on physical fights proximity and little magic. As adventure / medieval fan nothing would please me more than using a sword / shield or dual blades and out killing monsters, bosses and players feeling that it was really me who was there doing everything. :geek: :geek: :ugeek: :ugeek: :ugeek: :ugeek: :geek: :geek:
    raiogamraiogam Posts: 18
    May 2015
    The NerveGear (ナーヴギア, Nāvugia?) is the second generation of FullDive technology made by Kayaba Akihiko, released in May 2022.

    The NerveGear is a streamlined helmet coated in dark blue. At the back, it has a wire of the same color stretched out of a long pad. It also has a battery and internal memory to store data from the games. 30% of the NerveGear’s weight is from its internal battery.

    The NerveGear’s high density microwave transceivers can determine what the user’s face looks like. The transceivers not only block every transmission from the brain to the body, but also from the body to the brain, thus, while using it, the player is completely insensate to the physical world. While details are never specified, the powerful electromagnet is able to destroy a person’s brain, and SAO’s operating system has been programmed to do so if the player’s hit points are reduced to zero. Despite the exact method that kills a player being disclosed in the story, some of the signs left behind in the brain are cerebral hemorrhaging, and arterial occlusion. The NerveGear is equipped with a new generation diamond semiconductor central processor.

    At the time of the Sword Art Online beta test, there were about 200,000 players in possession of a NerveGear. Half of them applied for the beta test.

    After the events of the Death Game incident, Argus no longer produces new NerveGear units, and most users instead use RECT’s replacement for the system – the AmuSphere, which has significantly less powerful transceivers; it is thus incapable of doing harm to a player, but cannot completely eliminate normal sensory input.

    Kirito is one of the few VRMMO players who used a NerveGear even after the SAO incident, though this is likely due to time and monetary constraints in getting an AmuSphere, as he wanted to check out the possibility of Asuna being trapped in ALfheim Online. Eventually, even Kirito switched to using an AmuSphere after the ALO incident.

    After the SAO Incident, NerveGear had been seized and disposed as according to Japanese Code of Criminal Procedure, Article 121.

    Even though the NerveGear is considered obsolete, its base technology was used to develop other VR devices, such as the Medicuboid and the Soul Translator.

    A NerveGear cartridge.

    To use the NerveGear, the player wears the game console over the head. Then it is recommended for the player to find a comfortable position to station the body, commonly being a bed. Afterwards, the game will load by the initiation words «Link Start».

    Known Users
    Kirito wearing a NerveGear unit.

    Sword Art Online beta testers
    Sword Art Online players (Heathcliff might have used an advanced version of the NerveGear instead)

    In the Accel World series, written by the same author as Sword Art Online, volume 4, chapter 8 of the novel mentions an unnamed VR machine that is similar in background to the NerveGear. Episode 22 of the anime adaptation of the series confirms that the unnamed machine is a NerveGear.
    Kazuto is one of the few people who still have a NerveGear after the SAO incident. He was able to keep his hardware due to negotiations with Kikuoka Seijirou to let him keep it even though all copies of the NerveGear were meant to be disposed of.

  62. I just hope it does not disappoint the entire world for this awesome idea of making SAO real

  63. I am so exited for this!!! I can’t wait to join!!! SAO HERE I COME!!! it comes out in 2020 And i’m gonna get it first!!!

  64. I’m so exited for this game, i can’t wait to used nerve gear.. i love it.. so I’ve been watching alpha test video, I hope this game is really happening to other country like mine… I really really want it, i always hope to live at another life like this for a long time… 😀

  65. Valentina Gálvez September 21, 2016

    Hola, quiero jugar a sword art online pero no puedo

  66. Kaz Kirigaya October 02, 2016

    How do you become a beta tester?

  67. Will this gear, acording to the Anime, have the body still in the real world?

  68. Iam very impressed by the comments iam reading. And I as well do dream of this happing but I don’t know what to do in order to become a beta tester. I would like to escape for a little while and see where this can go.

  69. The main Kings are usually among a good number competitors picked to travel completely, and that’s certainly the most important subject: Will they return to the last?

  70. theanimeboy337 November 05, 2016

    Sword Art Online is good

  71. is this real ? can i see the nerve gear and sell the with small prices in the whole world

  72. Why don’t you try to come up with something that scans the brain and clones the brain signals from the brain and put it in the game,how do you become a deta tester?

  73. when will it come to america

  74. I still think we may be trapped

  75. Yuuki Kamiya November 16, 2016

    I wanna be a beta tester it so cool!!!! >///<

  76. Josue Guerrero Anguiano December 25, 2016

    Hello, this is a very good project. I wanna be a beta tester, please answer me, how i can? Thanks

  77. Caleb Williams December 28, 2016

    I am very interested in becoming a beta tester for this. Can you please tell me how I could be considered to do this? Thank you for your time and consideration.

  78. Рафаэль Кутушев January 03, 2017

    Good day! I would like to test this development to the fullest. If it is at least as it is possible to write to me on e-mail. Thank you for your time on me!

  79. Rafael Kutushev January 03, 2017

    Good day! I want to be a tester of this device. If possible, write to me. Thank you!

  80. Was this just a viral marketing ploy for IBM’s VR market? If so, way to disappoint the gaming world and lovers of SAO.
    You could have cornered the gaming market with the incorporation of a world that millions all across the globe would play non-stop. Summer had a very good placement about brainwaves being measured to get taste and other senses down. Still will this ever come to pass or is it just a ploy?

  81. Eike Moeller January 20, 2017

    I hope that i am a lucky player (:

  82. Eike Moeller January 20, 2017

    i love anime/manga
    and i hope the nervegear and the sao was good

  83. Eike Moeller January 20, 2017

    oh and sorry i life in germany

  84. When will this game be officially out? I was just watching SAO and finishes the first part.

  85. When will this game be officially out? Just wondering bc I just finished watching the first part of SAO.

  86. I would not call this true “full-dive virtual reality”, because, and I think I speak for every fan of SAO, it is not the nervegear however, I think it is a good first step towards it with the tech we have today. But, I won’t be happy until we get a true NerveGear, just not one that can kill you haha. Anyway, I’m getting off topic, the truth of the matter is, when we think “full-dive”, we think the NerveGear or Amusphere that replaced later in the series, not a massive headset or treadmill or something like that, cause the whole point is to actually be IN THE GAME and not be moving your actual body. all in all, I’ll wait for the NerveGear to come out, but like me, a lot of us are losing patience.

    • Michael Garza January 26, 2017

      I agree iam not wanting one where iam moving in real life. The one that evey one is wanting is full dive with the nerve gear

  87. Loïck Varela January 29, 2017

    I think in 2020 – 2030 we going to can play a vrmmorpg or a other game in vr online with the world. I am the bigger fan of SAO and accel world this is my favourite anime and I’ll this project realize. Sorry for my English i’m from switzerland

  88. Hi, I noticed the video shows users wearing accelerometers on their feet to detect steps. My startup has developed an algorithm that can accurately detects steps using inertial sensing (either through the headset or a phone in a VR headset) removing the need for wearable sensors. Contact me if you are interested.

    • Dude, this isn’t even full-dive tech. I think this is called active-vr, and I for one, am not looking forward to it. Sorry

    • blackswordsmen March 15, 2017

      So i was wondering how to play a mmo online i tride to do it last night but wen i got my character i wasent abol to play……..TIPS anyone

    • Blackswordsmen March 16, 2017

      Yo man you want to fly and stuff play aion

  89. I decided to do some digging after my last post. What I’ve found is very interesting, and I believe we might have a true nervegear by 2022, possibly sooner. Now, I know that sounds far fetched, right now I’m trying to find a last few missing pieces and trying to figure out got to present my findings. Please understand I’m not trying to get anybody’s hopes up, it’s just my findings look promising. So please be patient

    • hey if your a dev can you see about letting me become a beta tester when this happens i would love to help with this project as best as i can but you know how money is but i still want to help so can you tell me

      • Sorry, but I’m not. I wish I was though, but who knows? Maybe I’ll become one through this project. what you said did encourage me, so thank you for that. it is possible that later on I could use some help in contacting the devs of one of the pieces I’m looking at. and who knows? if it takes off I’ll be lookin for testers. Sadly though the video game as[ect wont be done until the NerveGear is complete.

  90. cameron horton February 03, 2017

    truth be told i only skimmed through the comments and one comment specifically caught my eye the 13 year old girl who truly has our asses beat when it comes to this just like everyone else on this forum? i would love to see full dive vr to become a reality, as of the present,i think i speak for all of us here when i say, summer if you were to decide to start researching full dive on your own i would fund you i have saved up roughly 100,00 and would like to put it to good use, NOW WHO’S WITH ME SAY I

    • Michael Garza February 08, 2017

      I would love to put mine to good use as well and see if this can happen because I really want it to

    • For the record I’m a 19 year old guy. And I am still reaserching the tech for true full-dive vr. I’ll post on this forum later about my current progress later.

    • For the record, I’m a 19 year old guy. I’m still reaserching the tech for true full dive ve tech. I’ll post later about my progress.

    • I can’t see summer on this forum. but I know I’m close to formulating a prototype. I don’t have one, its just an idea that i’m putting to paper sometime soon.

    • never mind

  91. im just noob February 08, 2017

    one day after all this developing Nerve gear is finish.Being sold all across the globe and 10 000 players who play will stuck in this game.(like the anime series)LOL

  92. Dandy Wanata February 09, 2017

    This is my dream for a couple years, I want to play SAO, I want to be part of it. And the game now come true.

  93. Well, we wait and believe that a powerful company in the near future will be able to create a similar technology. Personally, I do bet on the DARPA … Oh, do not judge strictly for my english, it’s google translate.

  94. I just want to know how to get the nerve gear. Does anybody know???

  95. Now if your purpose is to gather the entire cars in CSR 2
    – and we will provide you with some tips that may provide help to
    achieve that – you shouldn’t promote something, being that you’ll usually be
    getting a certain number of cents on the dollar.

  96. blackswordsmen March 15, 2017

    oh and i herd that now you dont need special shoos and no mat COOOL thats nice cus i dont have the space for that

  97. ghostarcherfairy March 16, 2017

    forget about sao, make alfheim online!!!!!! flying!!!! archery!!!!!!! fairies!!!!!!!!!!!!

  98. hey all, kirito here, thought i would actually make a profile since im on here so much

  99. hey all, I need a question answered. I know I have posted several times regarding a prototype. my concern is if i put my full thought here will someone steal it and use it to get their own credit? the reason I ask is i know everyone here is pumed for when it comes out, I am too, but I’m currently talking with some peopole that may just make it work and i dont want to undermine that progress. please respond yes or no and any thoughts you might have. tnaks.

    • Hi Kirito, in my opinion you should keep this for yourself, at least for the moment, because as you say, there maight be some people that would steal your project ideas. So at first, you should only tell this to people you realy trust. If you want to share something with the people here though, you can post something small, just to give people a little bit of help so they can come up with new ideas and help you.

      I’m almost 19 years old and I’m studying computer science, I hope some day the Nervegear or something similar can really be a thing so we can all enjoy being in a Virtual World. I wish you luck and if you ever need help in the project, I would be glad to participate and would do my best to try to help, you have my word.

      Finally, I don’t know if Summer is still looking this page, but if you are, I just want to tell you that I’m amazed about how much you know at your age. And, althogh I’m sure I don’t need to tell you this anyway, always follow your dreams and put your soul into them, if you persist and work hard there is always a reward. I wish you the best of luck.

      • Thanks for the advice regen. Any help you could lend would be great. I am currently working on a Discord server for this project. It will be for devs only, but there will be a place for the public to talk, post ideas, and opinions, but mostly for Devs and people who can contribute to the project. I will post a link here for you to join. I’ll make a new one when or if you decide to. thanks again.

      • https://discord.gg/C4FpeYM this is for regen only, this link has only one use. anyone who joins my server othere than him will be kicked

  100. I want to Play it, and i wanna be a alpha tester of this game (y)

    *hope its not like the tragedy in aincard LOL

  101. XEXEED HUNTER April 17, 2017


  102. in our tech now it’s possible to have a full dive tech but it will take a long time i say in a full scale research about 8 to 13 years they may a prototype and after 1 to 2 years for mass production but for an average person may be able to afford it ! i’m just guesing people

  103. oh and to develope a game for vrmmorpg may also take a while

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