There’s a lot of talk lately about cognitive computing, but seeing examples of how businesses use APIs to create a better experience for their customers makes a big difference. Developers who have been sharing their knowledge on developerWorks Middleware have shown virtual retail and banking assistants and apps that help users make decisions that balance conflicting goals and alternatives, trigger decisions based on weather, and prioritize job applications to find the right team members.

All of these cognitive applications involve APIs. Businesses are finding value, innovation, and productivity with APIs.

A new Business Operations Connect learning path published this month on developerWorks Connect to Cloud equips IBM BPM and IBM ODM developers with ways to explore innovating with APIs.

Business Operations Connect, part of the Connect series from IBM, focuses on IBM Business Process Manager (BPM) and IBM Operational Decision Manager (ODM) capabilities for connecting to the hybrid cloud with APIs:

  • You get more value from your assets already in IBM BPM and IBM ODM for digital innovations, then implement that innovation into core processes and decisions.
  • Because processes and decision apps need to connect to people, with Business Operations Connect capabilities, you can connect through the cloud and design for all devices that connect to the cloud so people can get their work done wherever they are.
  • Because APIs can be used elsewhere, this approach encourages innovation and finding new use cases. Through APIs, developers are finding new cloud capabilities to enhance business processes and decisions and new forms of productivity such as cognitive business operations.



In the Business Operations Connect learning path, you start by refreshing your foundation knowledge of APIs. Then you learn ways to use IBM Business Operations Connect with your business processes in IBM BPM and your business rules in IBM ODM to support the API economy and transform existing business operations into the hybrid cloud.

Then you can dig in and start using Business Operations Connect capabilities in IBM BPM (Process Connect) and IBM ODM (Decision Connect) with IBM API Connect and IBM Bluemix. See other examples of how business processes and decisions implemented with IBM BPM and IBM ODM can be accessed as APIs. Then if you want to make it simpler for app developers to discover and employ your APIs, consider managing those APIs with IBM API Connect.

You might find that you not only share your own APIs with partners and the external development community, but also that you find new forms of productivity and innovation for your own business. You might create deeper engagement with your customers such as VIP shopping programs, scale expertise and imagination across your teams dealing with claims or customer accounts, or improve your own company-wide operations.

Instead of just talking about cognitive applications and innovation, you now have the tools to make your ideas a reality.


Learn more about the Connect Series and the API economy



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