When I first joined developerWorks® and started working on the Security zone, it seemed to me that the topic area wasn’t as en vogue as other areas, such as Cloud or Mobile development. So you can imagine my excitement when I heard there was to be a huge announcement involving security.

On May 10, IBM® Security announced Watson™ for Cyber Security. Watson was adding cybercrime fighting to its long list of already impressive accomplishments. And security was now…popular. Security is getting all sorts of attention because it’s now cognitive.

With cognitive security, Watson can help analysts figure out when security threats might occur and move away from the current method of using castles and moats. The new cognitive security era is now focusing on predictive analytics to proactively fight threats. This means that Watson can actively fill in the gaps where hackers are getting in by reading up on data reports. Watson then makes recommendations on how to treat certain security threats to better assist security professionals, ensuring that no threat goes unchecked.

IBM Security released a comprehensive, detailed white paper that outlines all the capabilities of Watson for Cyber Security. A really fascinating read, the white paper covers how cyber security is transforming to minimize the time to catch threats, decrease costs, and increase overall security productivity.

So does this mean that Watson will take over all security analysts’ jobs? Not so! According to the white paper, “The world produces over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day, and 80% of it is unstructured. This means it’s expressed in natural language — spoken, written, or visual — that a human can easily understand but traditional security systems can’t…and traditional security is unable to analyze and apply this insight the way an analyst can. This is why the most challenging security problems still require people to make sound decisions about what to act on and what’s a false alarm.”

With cognitive capabilities, Watson is going to fight cybercrime with a new vengeance. Here’s to you, Watson!



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