IBM Graph Webinar

Unlike traditional relational databases, which are built to simply store and retrieve data, graph databases prioritize the relationships between your data points. This unique approach makes it easier to see how your data is connected and analyze those connections, as well as to identify patterns and relationships that may otherwise go undetected.

Before you begin working with a graph database, it’s important to know what type of data you’ll be dealing with and to identify how your graph will be queried. Watch our webinar on demand, “Building and Deploying Graph Models with IBM Graph,” featuring IBM Software Engineer David Pitera, to learn what you need to know to get started. You’ll find out how a small team at IBM that set out to analyze nutrition information approached their use of IBM Graph and overcame some common challenges.

Watch this webinar, which is part of the “New Builders Webinar Series,” to learn:

  • How to approach designing a graph model
  • How to efficiently load data into a graph database
  • How to build a platform enabling the consumption of your graph system via a REST API

Hope you enjoy it! Register to watch it now.

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