As I’ve been learning about the Connect series from IBM, the phrase “code like a startup, run like an enterprise” has stuck with me. It reminds me of “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee,” what boxer Muhammad Ali said he would do in a 1965 heavyweight boxing match against the much larger Sonny Liston.

Organizations fear they can’t move to the cloud because they already have enterprise apps on premises. But the Connect series from IBM helps customers connect their existing apps with cloud services. You can still meet all your needs and run your enterprise apps as you always have. But with APIs, you have the flexibility of startup organizations to connect to and from the cloud, and let others subscribe to and use your APIs.

A new WebSphere Connect learning path published this month on developerWorks Connect to Cloud helps IBM WebSphere Liberty customers understand what’s available.


In the WebSphere Connect learning path, you refresh your foundation knowledge of APIs and IBM API Connect. And you learn how IBM WebSphere Connect can help you create, publish, secure, and manage your WebSphere Application Server Liberty APIs, connecting with other APIs in the cloud.

Then you walk through steps that help you get to work, using new capabilities that are part of the latest versions of IBM WebSphere Liberty, with IBM Bluemix and IBM API Connect. You learn how to integrate your on-premises WebSphere Liberty apps with the cloud and publish your WebSphere APIs so others can subscribe and consume them.

Muhammad Ali did prevail in his boxing challenge, and you can too in all your application development challenges!


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