Watson Virtual Agent Helps Enhance How Businesses And Customers Communicate

IBM Watson Virtual Agent is a set of preconfigured cognitive components based on the IBM Watson Conversation service. By configuring the virtual agent with your company’s information, you can quickly implement an automated chat bot that enables your customers to achieve their goals.

The established model of creating a digital or virtual agent requires experienced developers with a highly specific skill set to create complex systems that rely on custom – and often cumbersome – rules. Watson Virtual Agent allows businesses to simply build and deploy conversational agents.

Watson Virtual Agent helps accelerate users’ ability to deploy bots, including pre-trained cross-industry content, with minimal configuration, simplifying the process for both seasoned developers or users without formal technical training.

Companies like Staples and Autodesk are embracing services that go beyond simple, narrowly focused tools to sophisticated full-blown virtual agents, relying on deep natural language processing capabilities that can be used to assist consumers.

Watson services, like Watson Virtual Agent and the Watson Conversation API, draw on advances in natural language processing, machine learning and deep learning, gained from IBM Research innovations and strategic acquisitions.

These conversational capabilities join existing Watson services such as IBM Watson Tone Analyzer, Watson Speech to Text and Watson Text to Speech, offering users a full suite of cognitive capabilities to build conversational agents and other solutions.

Both Watson Virtual Agent and Watson Conversation are offered as cloud-based services, which allows for ongoing enhancements to content and capabilities. The services are available on the IBM Marketplace; and via the Watson Developer Cloud on Bluemix where a growing number of developers are tapping into cognitive capabilities to pilot, test and deploy new business ideas.

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