The bot revolution is here, and IBM is unveiling one of the first enterprise Bot Asset Exchanges (BAE) that takes a community-driven approach to AI bot development, enabling developers to easily discover, configure, deploy, and be rewarded for bots built with IBM Watson Conversation Service.

Meet IBM’s Anamita Guha and watch her demo the company’s new Bot Asset Exchange.

AI is sweeping through industries, revolutionizing business processes and transforming work and life, as we know it. One of the simplest ways this phenomenon is taking shape is through AI-enabled bots.

Yes, bots. Think chabots, voicebots, IoT conversational interfaces, and conversational entities in Augmented and Virtual Reality.

IBM’s new Bot Asset Exchange serves to help developers of all skill levels explore bot development at a time when the market size for chatbots is expected to result in $8 billion in cost savings by 2022, according to a recent Juniper Research Report.

The Bot Asset Exchange leverages open source development to help conversational interface developers, including bot, voicebot, IoT, and virtual reality developers easily discover, quickly configure, and simply deploy bots. Users can find domain-specific conversation logic ready for them to use, leverage the creativity of a community of bot builders to discover innovative ways others have built bots, or create and contribute their own bot conversation logic.

Using the platform tools and participating in the community is incentivized by a point system that offers rewards, recognition and prizes such as IBM-branded merchandise, tickets to IBM events like Index – San Francisco, one-on-one meetings with the Digital Business Group’s product team, and social media mentions.

While many solutions currently available on the market are limited to specific platforms, the Bot Asset Exchange opens the floodgates to bot innovation and disruption to help users build their application on any platform. With only a few clicks, users can deploy conversation logic to the Watson Conversation backend and publish it to their platform of choice.

Users can also conduct the following actions

  • Filter through use cases by industry and add new ones;
  • Select conversation interfaces ranging from enterprise to insurance, and government;
  • Contribute their creations so the entire open community grows smarter and personalization expands.
Join the revolution — build a chatbot today.
Join the revolution — build a chatbot today.

Regardless of a user’s skill level, the Bot Asset Exchange allows anyone interested in bot development to be empowered and enabled to bring lasting, transformative impact to any industry. The developer is in the driver’s seat, and the opportunity is endless.

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