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Do you want to learn and play at the same time? Then don’t miss the new developerWorks Sandbox!
The developerWorks team is always looking for new and innovative ways to transfer knowledge to and amongst developers. The Sandbox is accessible through a couple of articles today:

We’ll be publishing a lot more of these interactive tutorials complete with the sandbox feature in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

IBM launches IBM Code!

Are you trying to solve specific problems quickly? With the launch of IBM Code, everything you need to solve real problems is compiled into a journey, which includes: architecture diagrams, one-click deployment git repos, and pointers to essential documentation.

Starting with a collection of ten journeys, be sure to bookmark IBM Code for a little extra help with your future development projects:

  1. Deploy MicroProfile-based Java microservices on Kubernetes
  2. Deploy a scalable Apache Cassandra database on Kubernetes
  3. Scalable WordPress on Kubernetes
  4. Run GitLab on Kubernetes
  5. Cloud-based air traffic control application
  6. Apply cognitive to mobile images on the go
  7. Respond to messages and handle streams
  8. Test drive Hyperledger Fabric Transactions
  9. Create a “cognitive” retail chatbot
  10. Analyze Tweets with Jupyter Notebooks

New & updated dev centers!

We have launched and updated a few of our developerWorks dev centers this month:

  • NEW – IBM developerWorks India: A community for developers and IT professionals in India. With a primary focus on Watson, IoT, Cognitive, AI, Mobile, and Blockchain, dW India curates content and announcements of importance to key Indian audiences: startups, students, and enterprise developers. And, to address the needs of developers too busy to routinely visit our site, the dW India newsletter (coming in May) will push new content and announcements to subscribers on a monthly basis.
  • NEW – IBM Cloud for Financial Services: Join the FinTech revolution and build the future of financial services with help from IBM Watson! This Dev Center features resources that can help you leverage the power of APIs and a data exchange to bring new apps to market faster.
  • NEW – IBM Cloud Product Insights Technical Community: Connect deployed IBM product instances with the IBM Cloud Product Insights service on Bluemix to take advantage of multi-product dashboards that reflect installed instances and usage metrics, and learn about the benefits of additional Bluemix services.
  • UPDATED – IBM developerWorks Hadoop developer center: We posted several new developer-to-developer technical blog entries this month around how to use open source technology. From Ambari Hive to Solr to YARN to Apache Kafka and more: this is a really nice collection of developer resources.

News and Events!

  • developerWorks TV is planning its first live webcast on May 4th! Join us for a deep dive on How to build an SMS-based “Magic 8 Ball” app.
    In this live coding event, you’ll learn everything you need to build the application using the Twilio service and Node-Red. You’ll get the starting code so that you can customize the Magic 8 Ball’s responses to amuse your friends and you’ll learn how to deploy your app to the cloud and get it up and running. Register now!
  • Loads of events and coding challenges are happening in 2017. Have you registered for any of them yet?
    Achieve code mastery through challenges! This blog post lists a good selection of coding challenges that you can compete in. Bookmark the link to easily get out updates.
    Consult the developerWorks events page for more events options and opportunities to meet with our experts and your peers!
  • Check the “This Week on developerWorks” channel for the latest news and stories about developerWorks and trends in software development.

developerWorks Premium and new event discounts benefits

Need a promo code for popular IBM and industry developer events? Look no further! developerWorks Premium, amongst other benefits, provides substantial discounts to upcoming May events. Our developerWorks Premium members can benefit from this substantial event discount:

Get more details in this blog post and become a developerWorks Premium member today!
Already a developerWorks Premium member? Access your dashboard for more options.

Check out our April developerWorks newsletters:

Our team at developerWorks is dedicated to helping developers build their skills and advance their careers around emerging and game-changing technologies, whether you are just getting started or continuing to build more advanced developing skills. For more developerWorks content, be sure to visit developerWorks and subscribe to our newsletters to get them delivered to your email inbox as soon as we publish them off the digital press. And if there’s a topic you’d like to see us cover, let us know!

Happy reading!
Virginie Daniel-Jamoukha – developerWorks Digital Outreach

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