Hey there reader! It’s me, Michelle! I’m back at Watson West for another week since Madison and Karen have plans but I have another free week before school resumes on the 11th. Until then, I think this week will have tons of self-discovery and interesting events!

Just a recap of last Friday: we ended the day filming some interviews for Vox –IBM has a relationship with them and we submitted our videos for a chance to be featured in a video about “amazing women”. We’re definitely looking forward to seeing if we make the cut when that’s uploaded! We all took the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) home together, and said our bittersweet goodbyes in the rush of the train. Although I’ll miss working with the girls, I’m anticipating the great things they accomplish in the future and I know they feel the same way!

This Monday, I started the morning with the bright smiles of the Girls Who Code TAs from the Silicon Valley IBM site. They went through the Watson Experience Center (and loved it!) and listened to the college interns and I spill the details of our recent projects. Down in the Sunset Lounge, the girls shared their experience at the intersection of IBM and GWC in a little video interview. Both girls affirmed that IBM had done a fantastic job supporting the program, and it made me feel proud to hear that –is that weird?

Ramen from our lunch outing last Friday with all of the interns!

I sat in on the college interns’ presentation run through with Maureen and Melissa (chief of staff here at Watson West) and it was much more valuable than I anticipated. Melissa shared some revolutionary advice on how to present. I’ll drop some of her words below for anyone else out there seeking to spice up their work:

  • “The content should compliment your thoughts”
  • “Text is distracting, use visuals/icons to represent what you’re saying”
  • “Your deliverable is your point of view”

As one of the interns who did not have a formal final presentation, I still find it highly valuable to glean these general presentation tips to keep your audience engaged and informed.

Still in the office,

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