Hey reader! Let’s do some quick bites of my past two days:

So Tuesday morning, I reached out to some Girls Who Code alumni from the IBM Austin location for a feature! They are some really talented writers and I can’t wait to hear back about their experiences.

At 11, I shadowed Maureen during her meeting with Kevin McFarland from Coursera. The two discussed top secret (just kidding) future plans for the IBM and Coursera partnership, and I just listened in 🙂

After that, I found my way to one of the funky blue sofas and met with Janine and others on the EdTech team to discuss what should happen next with the courses Karen, Madison, and I worked on.

Around 4, I was feeling kinda sluggish from the gray weather and announced that I wanted to go home. To my surprise, the interns encouraged me to just head home! I KNOW, it’s not super surprising but because I always headed home with the other two interns, I forgot how much freedom I had.

Wednesday: I watched the other interns’ final presentation! I especially loved their intro video which can be found here:

Around 3, I headed over to the 425 Market St IBM location to meet with Wendy Lung, the director of IBM Ventures! It was such a nice conversation and the walk on Market Street was really refreshing.

Lots of plants around the area!

I’ll see you tomorrow for my final post!







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