Hello everyone! Welcome to the grand finale. It’s been a wonderful summer and we’d like to thank everyone who has supported us along the way.

We wanted to go the extra mile for our last post, so we’ve made a little video wrap up! Please enjoy!

To our project manager, Janine, thank you for guiding us throughout this summer. We have learned so much and cannot wait to see edTech in action in the future!


To IBMers, like Dennis and Angie, who helped us along the way, you’ve made such a difference in our summer and we really appreciate working with you!


To Maureen and Catherine, thank you for giving us a taste of the corporate world and for exemplifying what powerful women in tech look like.


To Ginni, thank you for giving us this unforgettable and unique opportunity. We’re so proud to have taken a dive into the Big Blue.


Thank you all and we’ll see you soon! ?
Karen, Madison, and Michelle

P.S. Michelle here! I’ll be staying an extra week so please stay tuned for a few more blog posts!

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