Devoxx Update: IBM’s Benjamin Fuentes and Nitesh Thakrar

I had the pleasure of sitting down and talking with Benjamin Fuentes and Nitesh Thakrar to talk about their “Getting Started with Hyperledger (Blockchain) in the Cloud” workshop. In this workshop you’ll see:

  • A brief presentation on Blockchain and why Hyperledger
  • A demo use case to explain the architecture and the code behind the demo

And then you’ll spend the majority of your time creating a blockchain application on the cloud and using the appropriate APIs and event to update a smart contract. You can continue to develop your application after the event on IBM Bluemix.

Bring your laptop to this session and make sure you can connect to the WickedlyFastWifi.
Benjamin and Nitesh are a lot of fun and obviously enjoy working together. Do yourself a favor and attend this Blockchain hands-on lab today at Devoxx (LL20B), you won’t be disappointed.

See what you’ll learn at this DevoxxUS workshop with Benjamin and Nitesh.
Benjamin Fuentes on Twitter @benji_fuentes
Nitesh Thakrar on Twitter @niteshpthakrar

Updated March 22, 2017

Leveraging AI and data for personalization – IBM’s Rama Akkiraju keynotes at Devoxx US

Rama Akkiraju
Rama Akkiraju, Distinguished Engineer, Master Inventor, IBM Watson User Technologies

This morning’s keynote at Devoxx was inspiring. Rama Akkiraju’s topic “From Science Fiction to Science Fact: How AI Will Change Our Approach to Building Apps and Leveraging Data” certainly made me think about personalization and the different ways to use data in AI.

It’s funny (amazing) how one little diversion on the internet of “I wonder if that dress is on sale” leads to all subsequent pages I visit containing an ad for that dress. It happens that quickly too. There’s no lag time between when I search for a dress and when I’m overwhelmed with ads for that dress. But now I know that this information collected can be useful. If an airline loses my luggage and I tweet that frustration, AI can kick in to and say “You might need some things for this trip, here’s the nearest mall that carries the dress you’ve been looking for, here are some sushi restaurants nearby, here’s where you can buy a new toothbrush.” All this prompted by a diversion, lost luggage, and AI.

Helpful, yes. Intrusive, not if it’s used in the right way. And what I saw in this morning’s keynote is the right way. Stay tuned for an interview with Rama Akkiraju.

If you’re attending Devoxx, there’s a related topic on Thursday, March 23 from 11-11:50. The title is “Think. Think again. Watson and the Cognitive Developer” and the presenter is Sandhya Kapoor. In this session, you’ll design Conversation workspaces using easy to use tooling, enriching your Enterprise Java application to handle intricate human conversations. You’ll add the Document Conversion service to ingest documents in various formats. You’ll also learn some best practices for testing cognitive applications.

So, if you’re attending Devoxx, make sure you go to Sandhya’s session. If you’re not at Devoxx, check back for an interview with Sandhya where she talks a little bit about this with me.

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Updated March 18, 2017

DevoxxUS 2017: What do you want to know?

Work in March usually means traveling to Las Vegas to work the Developers Playground at InterConnect.

It’s a lot of fun. I’ve flown drones, raced the Sumo Jumping Spider, and played with MiP… all things we modified to run on Bluemix. This March is different. I’m not going to Vegas. I’m not even getting on a plane!

This year I’m staying local and going to Devoxx US. My job is to be the eyes and ears on the floor (sounds painful) and deliver the news to you via daily blog posts and a video recap. I created my schedule yesterday, and wow, there are a lot (200) of sessions.
Best of Devoxx 2017

IBM alone has 17 speakers bringing you great information about:

  • Watson
  • Programming languages
  • Blockchain
  • Server-side Java
  • IoT
  • Mobile and embedded
  • Methods & architecture
  • Cloud, containers, and infrastructure
  • Modern Web
  • Future (think there’ll be a crystal ball in each session?)
  • Java
There are so many interesting sessions that it was bound to happen, a few are scheduled at the same time. So, unless I can figure out how to clone myself, I’m going to have to make some hard decisions. That’s where you come in. Besides the can’t miss keynotes, which sessions would you like me to tell you about? Take a look at the Devoxx US schedule, then add a comment below with the session titles you want to hear about.

Devoxx US Resources

Complete list of IBM speakers at Devoxx
Wednesday March 22 Keynote: Rama Akkiraju, Distinguished Engineer, Master Inventor, IBM Watson User Technologies, from science fiction to science fact: How AI will change our approach to building apps and leveraging data.

Video: An Interview with Arun Gupta, Devoxx US organizer and Java champion!

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