Blockchain and the future of the software engineer
Blockchain and the future of the software engineer

Blockchain has permeated the headlines for quite some time now. Perhaps you’re familiar with it only peripherally. Perhaps you’ve dipped your toes in the technology and pondered it as a viable solution. Perhaps you think it’s nice and sweet and it doesn’t concern you. But, even if you deem it will remain in the hinterlands, have you considered the effect it may have on your career in 2017?

Why you should worry

Angelist reports 75 of its startups are currently seeking Blockchain developers. Although that may seem like a modicum, blockchain has already been making inroads into the financial, health, and governmental markets. Therefore, it’s likely that as a developer working in these and other industries, you may be asked to tinker with the crypto technology.

But wait, there’s more.

Why you shouldn’t worry

Blockchain has a myriad of skeptics with data to back-up their claims. They suggest that it’s got a long way to go. Some even downright dismiss it as all sizzle. Based on this, you can rest assured that you won’t be needing to invest in blockchain training anytime soon.

Here’s why:

The best approach for developers

If you work in finance, especially, I’d suggest you take a look at how blockchain is implemented. Whether it is or isn’t the future, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. And prevention in your career means being prepared for anything. Besides, how cool would it be to tell your colleagues that you know blockchain?

In September it was reported that developers were “flocking” to blockchain trainings because of demand. If blockchain is the revolutionary tech of the future, why not join them? If it isn’t the revolutionary tech of the future but you’re a curious developer who enjoys being challenged with something new (like most software engineers I know), why not join them? I say it’s a win-win either way.

A word of note: Although Bitcoin is what made blockchain famous, it is an implementation of the technology. Some are stating that Bitcoin is on the decline, and predicting that it will soon be overtaken in popularity and adoption by blockchain. I’d focus your training and research on blockchain.

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