In a recent blog post IBM CTO for Open Technology, Chris Ferris, highlighted five ways developers can get started working with blockchain.

But if you’re not yet on the blockchain train, you might wonder to yourself, why the blockchain, and why now?

Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation CEO Mike Bodson recently told CoinDesk that the lack of qualified blockchain professionals was a huge obstacle — some 70 percent of his clients were struggling to fill so-called “fintech” positions. And yet the estimated global revenue from enterprise blockchain applications is expected to rise from $2.5 billion last year to $19.9 billion by 2025.

In that large gap between last year and 2025 resides an enormous opportunity for those building up their skills in blockchain across multiple industries.

Take IBM itself, as an example. The company is already working with clients on 400 projects that span financial services, food safety, supply chain and logistics, retail and consumer identity industries, just to name a few.

Those projects employ more than 1,600 employees (and growing!), and IBM, who was recently named the #1 blockchain vendor by Juniper Research, currently has more than 150 job openings related to blockchain.

In terms of the skills that will be required to fill that gap, it’s more diverse than one might expect, with positions ranging from application development and design, security engineering, solutions architecture and beyond.

To help fill that pipeline, IBM offers personalized online training for employees who work in blockchain, or for those employees who want to break into the field. The company also has an internal blockchain community which has more than 5,000 active members who share updates, insights and discussions on the latest in blockchain technology.

Externally, IBM is looking to enhance the blockchain pipeline through numerous initiatives, including its recruitment on campuses and through its focus on “New Collar” jobs, which don’t always require a bachelor’s degree.

Specific to blockchain, IBM has a new program that offers blockchain digital badges for certification, the graduates for which are able to display their certified skills on their resumes or LinkedIn profiles.

IBM’s Jason Kelley recently discussed with CNBC the emerging opportunity that blockchain presents for technical professionals everywhere. Check it out to learn how you might become yet another vital human link in the ever-burgeoning blockchain.

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