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Introducing IBM Cloud Lite Account: Quick and easy access to AI services and runtimes to build your cloud apps fast, free, and an account that doesn’t expire!

Build cloud-based exploration applications powered by Watson.
Build cloud-based exploration applications powered by Watson.

As 2017 starts to wind down, it’s a great time to look ahead and think about the developer skills you want to expand and improve upon in 2018.

IBM Cloud Lite can play a key role in the evolution of learning how to develop and build using IBM Watson and other services (Kubernetes, Data analytics, IoT, and more), and to build actual Proofs of Concept that help establish a vision of the cognitive computing future for your organization.

With IBM Cloud Lite, you can take as much time as you need to familiarize yourself with the IBM Cloud, and there’s no need to submit a credit card in advance.

IBM Cloud Features You Can Use Today

Build cognitive apps that help enhance, scale, and accelerate human expertise.
Build cognitive apps that help enhance, scale, and accelerate human expertise.
  • 4 GB with Kubernetes Clusters
  • 256 MB of instantaneous Cloud Foundry runtime memory
  • Access to plans for select services, including API Connect, Watson Conversation, Watson Discovery, Internet of Things Platform, Data
  • Efficiency features, such as auto sleep and garbage collection, to help you better manage your resources.
  • Usage tracking and cap alerts that notify you proactively when you’re approaching data thresholds.
  • Focus on Building, Not Billing

IBM Cloud Lite is all about getting started with IBM Watson now

We want you to build something useful to you and your company first, and worry about the billing later.

  • No credit card required
  • No time limit!
  • $200 credit to upgrade*

NOTE: If you previously had an IBM Cloud 30-day trial account, and now want to register for an IBM Cloud Lite account, you will need to sign up with a different email ID.

IBM Cloud support: Explore help for IBM Cloud, from self-guided to paid support options.

19 comments on"Introducing IBM Cloud Lite"

  1. Hi, can I have a change to extend my account ? I’m ibmer with 219 days left

  2. Hello, as an entrepreneur I was invited and I already have an IBM Global Entrepreneur account.
    Do I have to do a new registration for IBM Cloud Lite or the one I have is enough?
    Thanks, regards Néstor

    • Nestor, with your IBM Global Entrepreneur account (Builder level) you already have access to more than IBM Cloud Lite offers.

    • Nestor,

      Make sure you double check your Global Entrepreneur terms and conditions with the helpful IBM folk

      We had three incentive subscriptions – one Global Entrepreneur Program (GEP) one as a business partner and the third as a developer.

      We made a mistake and chose the GEP subscription to provision a test blockchain. We used it extensively for testing, which meant inviting clients onboard.

      When we got a routine notice that the subscription was about to expire, we found out there was no way to extend it. This includes paying for it. We could not apply our other privileges either.

      It cost a lot of time and money to transfer our clients to another blockchain. We are big fans of IBM and we kept records/screenshots. But the blochain was deleted and we could do nothing about.

      Hence make sure you can upgrade on your GEP subscription, including infrastructure provisioned through softlayer, and have a migration plan in place.

      • Peter, I’d love to understand more about your experience. GEP is designed to provide startups with a year of technology credits, and then transition into a paying model. It offers significantly more than what is available through other IBM offerings. Because you are mentioning blockchain, are you referring to the beta service that was previously available prior to August?

        • Shari, I am not referring to the High-Security Linux Beta.
          IBM has been very generous to us. We were awarded several incentives by IBM. One was a subscription that included 1,000/month in Bluemix Credits and an equal amount with Softlayer in Dallas. Our programme was called IBM Entrepreneur which had been renamed from ‘Catalyst.’ It’s this Catalyst/GEP subscription that proved troublesome for us, as we were an early developer and evangelist for hyperledger fabric v0.5. Please understand these contracts date to early 2016.
          IBM created a now defunct Commercial Paper demo, which was easy for us to repurpose as a Central Bank bills and bonds demo. It was a valuable teaching tool for both ourselves and for clients. It was easily provisioned on Bluemix and chain code is not as complicated as Solidity. The consensus algorithms are modular and IBM Zurich and North Caroline addressed techncial questions about the your standard algorithm called PBFT.
          I did not realize that the GEP subscription just ends. I assumed that, as you say, after 12 months we could just pay for it. Alternatively, open a new paying subscription or use our partner account. However, Blockchain is unique. Records by definition on a blockchain are immutable, and so when then subscription expired it meant we lost the immutable part. We explained to our clients fabric 0.5 was a beta as was v0.6 and early 1.0. We would like to have kept those original records for nostalgic reasons. We were able to move so fast with the hyperledger fabric that on May 8 2016 we were the first to test an enterprise blockchain internationally beating every bank, government and IBM:)
          In summary,

          1. The GEP subscription that was awarded to us absolutely was not able to be renewed by paying for it. This contract dated back to early 2016, so I presume new GEP contracts can be extended. We would definitely pay to have ours reinstated.
          2. My caution about subscription expiration is directed at blockchain development only.
          3. The Linux HS beta predated us and is $2K a month per node. Z systems is what we recommend through Infrastrucutre as a Service.
          4. Startups have limited cash for R&D. One option offered by IBM is GEP Part II. We went down this route to get our records back. It means applying to an incubator like Techstars, 1776 etc.

  3. What does $200 credit to upgrade means in brief? Thanks in Advanced.

    • Ovi, the credit is applicable to platform services not including infrastructure and and third party services. It is valid for 30 days once you upgrade your account to Pay-As-You-Go. It doesn’t expire, so it’s there whenever you are ready to upgrade.

  4. I just sent a support ticket because i can’t login to IBM Cloud Lite …authentification and javascript/server side issues.

  5. Vitor Pereira December 07, 2017

    Is there a feature code to change an expired trial account into a lite account?

  6. Apparently “No credit card required” actually means “Credit Card Required” if your login account had expired and need to be converted.

    “Your account has expired or been canceled. To continue using IBM Cloud, provide your billing information. This will unlock the full power of IBM Cloud with a Pay-As-You-Go account including Infrastructure, Applications, and Services.”

    • I received the same message, it won’t let me do anything without a credit card, how do I get the free IBM Cloud Lite Account now.

    • Sergio Salmerón Vargas December 11, 2017

      Same proble here. I talked to tech support and tilde me that is pay as you go. I think they don’t have context of this offer.

  7. Hello
    My name is Mary, am happy to join you in this platform.

  8. How to start coding in IBM Watson
    I am familiar with c++
    Plzz help..

  9. NAVIYA NAGARA ANADELA January 02, 2018

    I would Like to Know the Future Prospects of BLOCKCHAIN Technology applications

  10. Michael Knauth January 09, 2018

    This page previously stated that trial accounts cannot be changed to lite accounts, and that a request can be made to IBM support to have the trial account deleted.

    This statement has since been changed to instruct people to register a new account. IBM Support have responded to my ticket telling me to upgrade to a paid account. This is unacceptable. A trial account that was created >4 years ago should not be subjected to an “account hold” simply because the trial expired during the infancy of the offering. I have one IBMid that I use for all IBM interaction, and I should not have to create a completely new email address and IBMid just to access a lite service, especially when there was an initial solution in place to address the trial account scenario.

    Please allow for trial accounts to be reset to lite, or deleted.

    • I second Michael’s sentiment. We shouldn’t have to create a new account to get IBM’s flavor of the month dev access.

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