The Cloud Foundry Certified Developer (CFCD) program, the professional, cloud–native application developer program, has trained over 8,000 developers. Cloud Foundry is an industry–standard platform for cloud native applications, and a key technology in the IBM Bluemix platform. At its core, the Certified Developer program teaches foundation–level skills to technical professionals and decision makers through a massive open online course (MOOC). At the higher levels, the developer course and certification enables companies to train and upskill their enterprise developers to build and deploy cloud applications, with a robust knowledge and understanding of this mature Cloud Foundry deployment space.

The Cloud Foundry Certified Developer program provides you with three training options:

  • An introductory course that you can audit through the edX platform
  • A self-paced online training course on the Cloud Foundry developer role
  • A “Cloud Foundry Certified Developer” certification, awarded to individuals who pass a performance–based exam

The CFCD demonstrates cloud development and deployment skills across all certified Cloud Foundry distributions, including IBM Bluemix Cloud Foundry. The developer certification and companion training course is available from the Linux Foundation worldwide.

Key IBM clients use Bluemix for critical cloud application delivery. Companies such as Ogilvy & Mather, one of the largest advertising networks in the world, uses IBM Bluemix Cloud Foundry to rapidly respond to advertising campaigns up to moments before they begin. Speed, flexibility, and accountability are critical. The speed to delivery has been a key part of the Bluemix integration.

“Using Bluemix Cloud Foundry, we’ve reduced the time required to set up new hosting for applications from days to minutes and freed up our DevOps team to focus on more mission critical business issues.”
– Jessica Criscione, Director of Technology, Ogilvy

As they move forward with critical application delivery through Cloud Foundry applications, the Cloud Foundry education program would ensure that their delivery engineers are as skilled with cloud application deployment and development software as possible.

Cloud Foundry is the foundation for the IBM Open Cloud Architecture, a core feature of the IBM Bluemix platform. Cloud Foundry abstracts the underlying infrastructure that is needed to run a cloud, letting you focus on the business of building cloud applications. With Cloud Foundry, you have the choice of development frameworks, application services, public, dedicated, and private clouds.


IBM is delivering a set of capabilities in public and private cloud by delivering a choice of open-source application runtimes, from OpenWhisk to Kubernetes and containers to Cloud Foundry technology.

IBM is a platinum–level sponsor of the Cloud Foundry Foundation, a non–profit, open source project with the aim for creating the leading application platform for cloud development worldwide. Don Boulia, the General Manager for IBM Cloud Developer Services, is a board of director for the foundation, and with the IBM Cloud Foundry Tribe, a supporter of the Cloud Foundry Certification effort.

“The adoption of Bluemix Cloud Foundry by organizations has been phenomenal,” said Don, “Customers use the Bluemix Cloud Foundry compute service to deliver an ever-increasing number of cloud-native applications for their organizations across the public, dedicated, or local delivery models. This Cloud Foundry Certification Program ensures that users of this fast-paced technology are ready for the advanced cloud delivery features that allow them to exploit mature capabilities across the Cloud Foundry platform. Together with the other IBM Cloud critical compute options, like Kubernetes Containers and Open Whisk, Bluemix delivers a full range of cloud delivery options for enterprise engagements.”

– Don Boulia, the General Manager for IBM Cloud Developer Services

IBM has been an advocate for the Cloud Foundry platform, collaborating with other key cloud PaaS players on the Cloud Foundry platform since 2013.

If you’re a Cloud Foundry developer, you want to take the step to greater education around this exciting technology. Take the Cloud Foundry Training Course and then continue with your IBM Bluemix Cloud Foundry development and deployment experience. And build onto your resume and become a Cloud Foundry Certified Developer (CFCD). See you online!


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